Kissed by a rose in a little shop of horrors

Somehow, we don’t think Seal had this toothy flower built by Jayfa in mind when singing “Kissed by a Rose.”

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for June 16, 2019 [News]

Meet the largest T-rex to appear in a LEGO set, drive a LEGO sports car in the newest Forza video game DLC, and learn even more LEGO news in our weekly Brick Report.

AL-SPSS-N9 Spessar redefines striking darkness

Strikingly ominous mech wields Lu Sim’s sword

A beautiful bonsai built from bulk-bought bricks

Don’t let the picture fool you! André Pinto’s creation is fully LEGO, and mostly from the brick wall of the local LEGO store, too.

An immersive garage to get your landspeeder serviced

Have you been driving your LEGO landspeeder around for 20 years now, and need to get it serviced? Here’s the garage for you.

Off the grid to find Akira

Join the quest to rescue Akira from the containment unit in Thorsten Bonsch’s newest creation!

Classic flight plan hanging around

Maelven gives us a hanger to house a classic set of wings.

The kids aren’t alright

Builder Hachiroku24 cranks the awesomeness up to Eleven (see what I did there?) with this Stranger Things LEGO creation.

Stressed? Have a cup of tea

Set the kettle on the stove and steep your tea, and enter the tranquil Japanese garden of Eero Okkonen.

Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection

If you are a fan of General Grievous, then you’ll love this stunning LEGO model by Marcin Otreba, which is so detailed you can almost hear his asthmatic cough and the ignition of his four lightsabers.

This voodoo panther is no bonehead. Or is it?

Alex Mertens dives deep into Bionicle lore with his take on the Rahi predatory cat, Makua. His model pays homage to the earliest prototypes of the line, back when Bionicle was still known as “Bone-Heads of Voodoo Island.”

Chugging around the bend

Steffen Rau builds a LEGO train layout module that’s sure to appeal to camping enthusiasts.