Mr. Kim’s flying restaurant from the Fifth Element

Niek Geurts of recently posted a lovely LEGO version of Korben Dallas’s favorite restaurant from The Fifth Element. While I love the boat’s hull and all the details Nieks has included, his technique for adding the background is just as interesting: I wouldn’t have expected that taking a picture in front of a computer Continue reading →

A story of synergistic collaboration (and how a tree was built)

Aaron Amatnieks (akama1_lego) and I were spending a productive day in a LEGO chatroom yesterday when he showed me a tree he’d been working on. I absolutely loved the concept and went off to build one for myself. I’ve been thinking about gum trees a bit lately so had some ideas to try out showing Continue reading →

Rust, rubble, and greens

Niek Geurts built an interpretation of a post-apocalyptic scene that’s different than most for two obvious features. The first feature is the diagonal road, which breaks up the squareness of the diorama. The second feature involves the abundant overgrowth of plant life, which adds a nice color contrast to the classic rubble colors. There’s many Continue reading →