LEGO Builder’s Journey is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch systems [News]

LEGO Builder’s Journey is available to play on PC and Nintendo Switch!

Winner of the LEGO Ideas third 2020 review is revealed to be the Motorized Lighthouse [News]

Motorized Lighthouse is the winner of LEGO Ideas Third 2020 Review!

“Deploy the sentinels!” in this Matrix LEGO build

“A Sentinel for every man, woman, and child in Zion. That sounds *exactly* like the thinking of a machine to me.” Claudio Tavella’s take on the feared sentinels (aka “Squiddies”) from The Matrix is solid and energetic, with poseable tenticles.

Bag Tag Dice Lad

This little character by @nobu_tary will make a great moderator for your LEGO board games. Come check out how the builder made use of a new piece from the DOTS line.

This tree is deer to me.

A film with great visual impact is Annihilation, with truly amazing takes on biologic diversity and mutation. @alex_mocs brings that eerie beauty to life in LEGO with “The Shimmer”

LEGO sets exceeding 40% discounts and more on Amazon Prime Day [News]

We spot more Amazon Prime day deals exceeding 40% and more!

Leaving LEGO Masters S2: We sit down with the second team to leave [Feature]

The second episode of LEGO Masters Season 2 has aired and we sat down for a chat with the second team to be eliminated. Read on for all the details!

Taking LEGO Great Ball Contraptions to the 5th level [Video]

This epic Great Ball Contraption module by GBC genius, Akiyuki, takes cool to new heights!

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals include selected LEGO sets at more than 30% discount [News]

We take a look at LEGO items that are worthwhile during Prime Day on Amazon (US)

A whale of a Jeep Rubicon

Benjamin Stenlund is having the best time ever climbing rocky summits with this sweet Jeep Rubicon.

Beep and Sweep: A robot’s guide to mopping floors

Benjamin Stenlund has created another immersive scene, where we see that even huge mechs need to help with cleaning.

Ancient garage door pillars

@forlornempire makes me want to order garage doors