Week of Wonders: Letranger Absurde [Friday]

To round off our exploration of the rich LEGO repertoire of Letranger Absurde, here is a charming representation of Victorian dandy Algernon Moncrieff, from Oscar Wilde’s farcical play The Importance of Being Earnest. With larger character builds, it’s less common for builders to take the trouble to construct an entire scene, but this one comes Continue reading →

Week of Wonders: Letranger Absurde [Thursday]

This week we’ve been exploring the works of versatile Romanian builder Letranger Absurde, whose love for antique objects and certain comedy horror movies appeared to collide in this LEGO version of the Necronomicon. Hail to the King, baby! From the builder: “This is both a tribute to the comedy wonder that is The Evil Dead, Continue reading →

Week of Wonders: Letranger Absurde [Wednesday]

Our next featured creation from Iron Builder veteran and history lover Letranger Absurde features lots of yummy dark brown and one particular example of nice part usage (can you spot it?). From the builder: “This was built as a request; perfect opportunity for me to build an Arthurian themed MOC since I’ve always wanted to Continue reading →

Week of Wonders: Letranger Absurde [Tuesday]

Our second find from the hoard of Letranger Absurde is this cunningly crafted microscale homage to the book that first introduced the world to the concept of the alien invasion story, H. G. Well’s The War of the Worlds. From the builder: “I’ve always been a fan of H. G. Wells’ fiction (one of the Continue reading →

Week of Wonders: Letranger Absurde [Monday]

Welcome to Week of Wonders, a new irregular feature in which we spotlight previously overlooked creations by a particular builder that we admire. Each day we will highlight a different build, enhanced with exclusive commentary and insights from the builder themselves. For this first WoW, we’ll be unearthing a hoard of treasures by prolific builder Continue reading →

Surfs up with the Duflo!

Edward Lawrence (@eddsbricks) mixes System LEGO bricks with a DUPLO van body and the result is totally rad!

Wake up samurai, we have some hot dogs to burn!

A simple cyberpunk street food scene by Aubrey Beelen is packed with bright colours, and stickers to convey futuristic details.

Sophie’s study is not just another brick in the wall

Sofie’s study by Eli Willsea not only has books, but LEGO parts being used in interesting and inspiring ways.

I am Whomping Willow!

This isn’t just any Whomping Willow! It’s got a little bit of Groot in the boot! Come take a closer look at this great LEGO build by Letranger Absurde.

Prague, only smaller...

A little model of a big city, Jet Kwan (@legoarchitecturemoc) recreates the Prague Skyline elegantly in micro-scale.

A voodoo-head from the time before time

This simple diorama of a tribal figure and statue by awesomenessborn depicts Bionicle prehistory.

Rollin’ royalty

This LEGO carriage built by Jonas Kramm (@jonaskramm) is the pinnacle of royal wealth.