Then & now: Kaitimar updates his Blade Runner Spinner

We first featured this sleek Spinner from Blade Runner by Gorazd Vahen (Kaitimar) more than five years ago. In the intervening years, Gorazd has tweaked his model and added some excellent virtual decals. The most notable improvements are the police lights, as well as a sleeker and smoother rear behind the cab. It’s always interesting Continue reading →

LEGO Space Police 2009 arrives early for Kaitimar

I can’t wait for the new LEGO Space Police sets coming out later this year (August, maybe?). Gorazd Vahen (kaitimar) seems to share my impatience, as he demonstrates with a pair of excellent vehicles he designed himself. The Spike is being pursued by a police cruiser. Gotta love that orange stripe.

All-Terrain Steam Transport by Kaitimar

Gorazd Vahen (aka Kaitimar) enters the Steam-Wars fray with a huffing, puffing AT-ST.

Stinger Monobike by Kaitimar

Kaitimar continues to update his Flickr photostream with wonderful creations, both old and new. The “Stinger” (above) is a new variation of his earlier steam hornet. And as bonus, a steampunk blimp we missed previously in Kaitimar’s Brickshelf gallery, the Moon Moth:

Panzer hovertank by Kaitimar

The 1986 novel Hardwired recounts the adventures of Cowboy, a smuggler who rides around a post-apocalyptic landscape in a high-tech hovertank. I like pretty much everything Kaitimar builds, so it was great to find him on Flickr recently, where he posted this great tank inspired by the novel. (Via YSAB.)

Kaitimar’s Steam Tractor

Kaitimar put this adorable tractor in his steampunk folder, but I swear I’ve seen this at a county fair…

I am Whomping Willow!

This isn’t just any Whomping Willow! It’s got a little bit of Groot in the boot! Come take a closer look at this great LEGO build by Letranger Absurde.

Prague, only smaller...

A little model of a big city, Jet Kwan (@legoarchitecturemoc) recreates the Prague Skyline elegantly in micro-scale.

A voodoo-head from the time before time

This simple diorama of a tribal figure and statue by awesomenessborn depicts Bionicle prehistory.

Rollin’ royalty

This LEGO carriage built by Jonas Kramm (@jonaskramm) is the pinnacle of royal wealth.

Behold THIS, Mickey and Minnie!

Behold the beholder as built by LEGO designer Wes Talbott (@wes_talbott).

How to build a safe to go with your brick bank [Instructions]

Come check out Tiago Catarino’s (@tiagoreiscatarino) recent LEGO tutorial, a tiny safe!