LEGO unveils life-size D-O droid from Star Wars at Toy Fair New York, available in April [News]

LEGO has revealed the latest life-size LEGO Star Wars brick-built figure: the droid D-O from Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Live from the show floor at 2020 Toy Fair New York, we have close-up images of the upcoming UCS-like set, 75278 D-O, which includes 519 pieces and will retail for US $69.99 starting on April 19th ahead of the “May the Fourth” Star Wars holiday.

D-O comes hot on the heels of the newly announced LEGO Star Wars sets based on The Mandalorian revealed earlier this week.

75278 D-O is a white mono-wheel with green accents. It stands around 10.5 inches tall (27 cm) on a small base made to look like a patch of dirt. Its head is constructed of cone elements, printed to be striped like his excitable on-screen counterpart.

The front and back of the box show that the head can swivel and tilt up and down, though the main wheel is solidly fixed and does not rotate. The wheel is built using curved connected slopes wrapped around a center axis.

The set comes with a UCS-style plaque with facts about the droid along with a small D-O minifigure.

The backside of D-O features greebling on the wheel and antennae on the head.

Keep an eye out for our TBB minifigure who will be making the rounds at Toy Fair New York today, and check out the expanded gallery of photos of D-O below.

Stay tuned to The Brothers Brick for all the LEGO news coming from the Toy Fair New York this weekend:

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  1. Exxos

    It does not appear to be lifesize, rather closer to 5/7 scale. Which I figure is due to matching the conical head to pre-existing lego pieces.

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