LEGO 71027 Collectible Minifigures 10th Anniversary unveiled at Toy Fair New York [News]

At Toy Fair New York today, LEGO has revealed the latest LEGO Collectible Minifigures, celebrating the 10th anniversary since they were first introduced in 2010. These will be available on April 19, 2020 and priced at USD $4.99 each. This will be the 20th installment of the regular Collectible Minifigures series (not based on a license like Disney or The LEGO Movie) to be released over the past decade.

The release features sixteen minifigures, consistent with the number we’ve seen in the other series.

We’ve captured detailed photos of each character and provided a description, although confirmation of the official names is likely to come from LEGO closer to release date.

Tenth Anniversary Brick Suit Guy with 2×2 printed tile

Hip Hop Dancer Girl with boombox

Pea Costume Girl with a red apple

Knight with sword and shield

Pirate Girl with cutlass

Rocket Girl with wrench (or spanner), NASA-branded rocket, and printed blueprint tile

The rocket with a printed 1×1 round brick featuring the NASA logo is worth a closer look:

Llama Costume Girl with carrot

Viking with spear and shield

Piñata Boy with a horse piñata

Rock Star with electronic keytar

Sleepy Girl with pet rabbit

Drone Pilot with a micro-built drone

Red Futuristic Ranger with electric blade

Karate Kid with nunchucks

Track & Field Athlete with javelin, discus, and medal

Female Diver with plant and sea turtle

Box Art:

Stay tuned to The Brothers Brick for all the LEGO news coming from the Toy Fair New York this weekend:

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9 comments on “LEGO 71027 Collectible Minifigures 10th Anniversary unveiled at Toy Fair New York [News]

  1. Cade Franklin

    Don’t suppose anyone can tell if the nunchuck is using a Bar 2L (new piece!) or if it’s Tubing?

  2. Johnny Johnson

    1) Please, it’s killing me — what in the world is the significance of the red apple that the pea pod costume comes with??

    2) Drone Pilot Boy’s bandaged face, haha! Karate Kid Boy’s nunchucks! Rock Star Boy’s keytar! Viking Boy’s helmet! Knight Boy isn’t that interesting, but still, a knight is a knight, and that’s always a solid addition. I expect that we’ll get at least a couple more variant colors of Futuristic Ranger Boy in the future. Anyway, thanks for not calling the last two “Track & Field Girl” and “Diver Girl”, at least.

    3) I love the turtle, the pirate, and Benny’s… great-grandmother? Spaceship! The piñata, pea costume, and hip hop dancer are also awesome.

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