Hands on with LEGO Star Wars sets from The Mandalorian at Toy Fair New York [News]

Live from the show floor at Toy Fair New York, we have close-up images of 75292 The Razor Crest and BrickHeadz 75317 The Mandalorian & The Child. Over the past two weeks, LEGO unveiled its upcoming sets based on The Mandalorian, Disney+’s popular series placed within the Star Wars universe, and now we have a hands-on look.

The BrickHeadz set consists of 295 pieces, and the Razor Crest consists of 1,023 pieces, including a Baby Yoda minifigure. They are slated for release on Aug. 1st and Sept. 1st respectively, though the Razor Crest is currently available to preorder for US $129.99 | CAN $159.99 | UK £119.99 and will be a LEGO Store and Amazon exclusive when it releases Sept. 1.

The BrickHeadz set features stylized versions of the show’s two main characters, the Mandalorian and The Child (aka Baby Yoda). The Mandalorian comes with exclusive printed elements and bick-built detailing in dark gray, brown and black. Baby Yoda comes inside his floating egg-shaped bassinet (called a hoverpram), bringing with him a splash of sand green and dark tan elements.

Being at Toy Fair New York allows us to see the reverse sides of the figures for the first time. The rear of the hoverpram is large and rounded off, floating on clear 2×2 round bricks. Meanwhile, “Mando” comes with his signature disruptor rifle which can be dismounted and placed within his hand.

The biggest set on-hand was the Razor Crest. While we got our first glimpse of the ship in LEGO’s press release, seeing it in person provides an opportunity to look it over in detail.

The Razor Crest comes with 5 minifigures of characters from the show, including Greef Karga, a scout trooper, and the bounty hunter droid IG-11. Each figure is equipped with blasters, and IG-11’s head consists of a 1×1 round brick with an exclusive printed design.

Of course, the Razor Crest also comes with minifigure versions of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian comes with a dark gray cape and a brick-built disruptor rifle. Baby Yoda uses the existing LEGO baby minifig body while introducing a new mold for the head.

Close-ups of the ship reveal a spacious cockpit for seating two minifigures, along with stickered elements on the body for capturing its weathered appearance.

The cylindrical thrusters utilize dark gray versions of LEGO’s beefy, large-scale wagon wheels.

Access to the lower interior is possible via panels that fold down, including the gate to the main entrance.

There’s even a spot for prisoners trapped in carbonite, represented by 1x2x5 bricks with stickers.

Preorders for the Razor Crest are now available for US $129.99 | CAN $159.99 | UK £119.99

An expanded photo gallery of sets from The Mandalorian is included below.

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