All 3 LEGO 2018 Advent Calendars revealed: LEGO City, Star Wars, Friends [News]

Along with the rest of the fall 2018 sets we’ve been closely following in conjunction with LEGO’s special preview event yesterday, LEGO has revealed all three of this year’s holiday season Advent calendars. As with most recent years, they follow the themes of City, Friends, and Star Wars, with the same prices as previous years: $29.99 USD each for City and Friends, and $39.99 for Star Wars. They will be available in September. Check them out below.

60201 LEGO City Advent Calendar | 313 pieces | $29.99 (USD) 39.99 (CAD) | Available in September

41353 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar | 500 pieces | $29.99 (USD) 39.99 (CAD) | Available in September

75213 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar | 307 pieces | $39.99 (USD) 49.99 (CAD) | Available in September

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5 comments on “All 3 LEGO 2018 Advent Calendars revealed: LEGO City, Star Wars, Friends [News]

  1. Håkan

    Interesting that the Friends calendar this year won’t contain either mini-dolls or animals. Maybe last year’s complaints on poor value for money weighed in the decision.

  2. Dan

    My thoughts also. Last years’ Friends had several mini-figs and animals. All the girls in my daughter’s 1st grade class got it and loved it! This years looks disappointing. The Star Wars set looks awesome though, I’ll be buying that for myself!

  3. Zoltan

    Hmmm.. No special Christmas minifig in the Star Wars calendar. I think this might be the year when I skip it. (Ok, last year’s BB-8 with santa hat was not brilliant either.)

  4. Andrew Gilfillan

    On the friends set: Fabulosity! What a great direction. It turns the genre from a “let’s see what we can play with next” into a wonderful arts and crafts project (i.e. “let’s see what we’re going to hang on the tree today!”). My daughter is going to love this and I can see us putting them all away in a special box with the Christmas decorations to be put up next year again (okay maybe the Piano will stay out for Livi and friends to get the tunes rolling). This is a wonderful idea Lego!

  5. Erika

    How fun- an ornament to build and put on a tree for each day! The Friends advent might be the first one I buy!

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