LEGO City Arctic Expedition sets revealed for Fall 2018, complete with a woolly mammoth and sabretooth tiger [News]

At the  LEGO Fall Preview 2018 event, we’re bringing you all the new product reveals in the LEGO City line, scheduled for release later this year. We got our first look at the line  This year the design team invites us to take part in yet another Arctic expedition. Let’s see what surprises the White Continent will bring this time.

60190 Arctic Ice Glider | 50 pieces | $6.99 USD | Available Aug. 1

The ice glider is the smallest set of the City sub-theme utilising the format of the good old 6577 Snow Scooter set from year 2000. It has everything a young Arctic explorer can wish for including some basic equipment and a cool-looking vehicle, which makes it a perfect impulse purchase.

60191 Arctic Exploration Team | 70 pieces | $9.99 USD | Available Aug. 1

The Arctic Exploration has all chances to become the most popular set of the line. Like any other starter pack set, it offers three minifigures and a vehicle: a very nice-looking snowmobile with a trailer, which is enough for either some basic own creations or play.

The Arctic Exploration Team set will be the easiest and the cheapest way to get the new ear-flapped hat.

60192 Arctic Ice Crawler | 200 pieces | $24.99 USD | Available Aug. 1

The Ice Crawler is the most weird-looking vehicle of the line. Instead of large wheels or chain tracks, it has four articulated legs and a crane boom. Its futuristic design is very eye-catching, so it has all chances to become a very well-selling set — at least among 6-12-year-old children.

Probably the set would look much better with any animal bigger than a tiny mouse, but still it’s a nice play feature.

60193 Arctic Air Transport | 277 pieces | $39.99 USD | Available Aug. 1

The Air Transport is a massive aircraft which is perfect for play all around the house. The model also has a lot of futuristic vibes, but also reminds us of the iconic 4980 Tunnel Transport from Rock Raiders.

Besides a very cool aircraft the set includes one of the highlights of the Summer line-up — a brand new figure of a sabretooth tiger! The tiger looks amazingly detailed, while the shape of his head is just stunning.

60194 Arctic Scout Truck | 322 pieces | $59.99 USD | Available Aug. 1

The Scout Truck has a lot of things to notice: the vehicle’s bizarre design, a very peculiar piece of ice formation including an entrance into the cave, which belongs to a disturbed polar bear, and, of course, the new artic scooter, which utilizes a new piece. Three minifigures and a couple of animals makes it a yet another cool play set.

60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base |  786 pieces | $119.99 USD | Available Aug. 1

The Mobile Exploration Base is the flagship set of the Summer. Unlike the previous version of the Arctic base camp, this one includes no buildings but rather a mobile outpost able of travelling around. Obviously these massive wheels make the models suitable for play on any surface. And finally we’re getting the new animal figure — a brilliant mammoth!

60196 Arctic Supply Plane |  707 pieces | $79.99 USD | Available Aug. 1

The arctic supply plane reminds us more than a bit of TBB Builder in Residence Ralph’s amazing LC-130 Hercules LEGO model, which we actually sent to the South Pole. This version, though, is flying to the frozen tundra to help excavate another sabre-tooth tiger frozen in ice. Accompanying the plane is a large tracked crawler with a huge saw blade. 4 minifigures are included, along with a snowmobile and various supplies.

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