Hands on with the LEGO City 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures set at the Fall 2018 Preview in New York [News]

Live from the LEGO Summer 2018 launch event, we’re bringing you the latest product reveal in the LEGO City line, scheduled for release later this year — 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures!

60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures | 164 pieces | $39.99

60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures will become the third of its kind after 60134 Fun in the Park – City People Pack released in 2016 and last year’s version, Fun at the Beach, featured lots of beach activities. In some sense the new pack will combine the best of the previous two: a huge variety of minifigures (including a baby!) and a ton of activities and play scenarios.

Just like us, City minifigures love to go hiking, climb mountains and go rafting. Of course, the set includes a lot of sport accessories like life vests and helmets.

A red camping tent is a brand new addition to the City theme. Although, we’ve already seen plastic tents in other City sub-themes before, this is the first one in red. A wooden signpost is also a very sweet touch.

But the biggest thing of the set is, of course, the new eagle figure. A massive bird looks both very detailed for its scale and very in style of other LEGO animals. Bonus feature — fish for dinner!

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