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“Make it so!”

The redoubtable Iain Heath (AKA Number One) has boldly gone where no one has dared go before. This is Star Trek: The Next Generation as it should have been. With relatively few pieces and lot of moxy, Iain has managed to capture the true nature of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Doctor Beverly Crusher, Counselor Deanna Troi, Lieutenant Worf and Wesley Crusher.

Make it so!

Come see this in person later this week at SEALUG‘s LEGO display at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.

Rover 6-Pack

Its Friday night in Las Vegas, and this six pack isn’t going to drink itself. Enjoy this sample of rovers from FebRovery 2013.

Mickey's Lunar Cheese Rover
Mickey’s Lunar Cheese Rover by Karf Oolhu
(In his house at R’lyeh, dead and dreaming.)

Pinktron Rover
Pinktron Rover by nolnet

Easy Rider
Easy Rider by Pasukaru76

Rendezvous with otherworldly girl
Rendezvous with otherworldly girl by the oneman.

NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic
NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic by halfbeak.

FebRovery 2013
And finally, a FebRovery 6-Pack would not be complete without something from Crimso Giger. You still have a little time left to get in on the action, if you’re so inclined.

Maple Syrup =/= Mecha

Japanese builders make mecha like Canadians make maple syrup. Now I don’t think mecha would taste nearly as good on my waffles, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t love them equally.

Flickr user Dak Yuki proves my point with his Armored Core:


Be sure to browse through the full photoset for all the cool poses & other goodies

NOW the question is whether mecha would taste good with maple syrup???

Cheers to Stijn & Peter for the heads up

The Colossal Castle Contest X Winners have been Announced!

The tenth year of the CCC was a big one! We had over 400 entries and many of the honorable-mentions would have been winners in previous years. Check out winners and enjoy some Castle-Greatness!

Here are some of my favorites among the winners:

Best Castle – Ras al Jabar by Fianat

Best Winter Scene – And the Band Played On by SlyOwl

Best Misc. – Visit by LolinoLL

The Master Builder will announced as soon as we can figure out who wins. It is an extremely close race.

2013 MocAthalon begins in March

The fourth annual MocAthalon will once again take place throughout the entire month of March on MOCpages. This is a competition where teams of 5 build up to 30 creations from 30 unique and whimsical categories announced at the start of the contest. Visit the contest group on MOCpages for rules and to sign up and form a team. You can check out last year’s MocAthalon to see what it was like.

Space Wheels x2 x4 x6 !!!!!!

I rarely blog LEGO models together, but these two wheeled beasts seem almost as though they were designed to be put on as a double act.

Sorting by date gives Shannon Sproule (Ocean) the top billing with his latest excellent addition to Battle for the Moon. And even by his own high standards this one is a winner. He presents the Soviet Lunar Katyusha for our edification.

Battle for the Moon: Soviet Lunar Katyusha, circa 1953

Following on is Mark Stafford (nabii), taking a very different theme and adding wheels to Space Police 3. It’s another example from Mark of what I call set+ building. Somewhere between set style and over-the-top finicky AFOL style. I’m a big fan of that sort of build, at least in part because I can’t pull it off at all well and here it is made to look effortless.