Space Wheels x2 x4 x6 !!!!!!

I rarely blog LEGO models together, but these two wheeled beasts seem almost as though they were designed to be put on as a double act.

Sorting by date gives Shannon Sproule (Ocean) the top billing with his latest excellent addition to Battle for the Moon. And even by his own high standards this one is a winner. He presents the Soviet Lunar Katyusha for our edification.

Battle for the Moon: Soviet Lunar Katyusha, circa 1953

Following on is Mark Stafford (nabii), taking a very different theme and adding wheels to Space Police 3. It’s another example from Mark of what I call set+ building. Somewhere between set style and over-the-top finicky AFOL style. I’m a big fan of that sort of build, at least in part because I can’t pull it off at all well and here it is made to look effortless.