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LEGO invests 500 million on wind farm – energy-neutral by 2020

The LEGO Group’s parent company just announced that it is investing over half a billion dollars (3 billion Danish krone or 400 million euros) on an offshore wind farm off the coast of Germany.

The wind farm will have nearly 80 turbines, and will provide more power than LEGO’s production facilities will be projected to require in 2020, thereby enabling the company to become effectively energy self-sufficient within the next eight years.

This news follows LEGO’s announcement last summer that they are reducing LEGO packaging box sizes and obtaining their wood products from sustainable sources.

Dragon unearthed

While a great LEGO model always catches my eye, it’s sometimes the presentation that I really fall in love with. Carson Hart proves that the three-quarters “hero shot” isn’t always the best way to showcase a LEGO model with this top-down view of an excellent dragon skeleton, presented on a sand background.

LEGO dragon bones diorama

(And thanks to Skyrim, I have to wonder how many bones and scales I’d get if I searched the dragon…)

LEGO ISS built aboard International Space Station inside zero-G build bubble

Sending LEGO into space isn’t actually all that new, but an astronaut building a LEGO model of the spacecraft he’s in certainly is. Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa recently built a LEGO version of the International Space Station while aboard the ISS itself.


The full story and more photos are over on collectSPACE, and you can watch a NASA video on YouTube as well.

Gotta love that special build bubble to keep the LEGO elements from floating away to who knows where inside the ISS.

Forbidden Cove’s Jolly Roger Contest [News]

Forbidden Cove has announced their third annual Jolly Roger Contest. Head on over to check out the fabulous Prizes and Categories, as well as the Contest Rules. Make sure you read the rules carefully, as some of the categories have different requirements.

Entries must be submitted by April 30. In order to enter, you must be a member of Forbidden Cove, and you do need to be at least 16.

Best of luck!

Deep in the Bayou, the Pirates Converge...

Tia Dalma’s haven of witchcraft was one of the eerier scenes in Dead Man’s Chest, with Jack Sparrow and company slinking through the murky woods to consult a medium. This scene by flickr user Walter Boy captures a bit of that uncanniness, and is a great model besides. The dark tan, dark brown, and dark green merge together well to give this diorama more ominous tones, and the dark background is an excellent choice.

Tia Dalma's Shack

Impressive Lego Pokemon Creatures by Mike Nieves

Skeletons are notoriously difficult to sculpt with Lego, due to their fragile, spindly nature, but Mike Nieves (aka retinence) has done a superb job with this imagining of a Pokemon Magikarp. His Gyarados is no less excellent, though, translating the serpentine body into Lego fantastically.

Commission 2/3: Magikarp Skeleton

gyarados copy

The top video games of 2011 recreated in LEGO

Organizers for the 15th Interactive Achievement Awards approached Alex Kobbs back in October to create a montage of the top video games of the year, animated in LEGO. Alex used clips from some of his earlier animations, including the super-awesome Gears of War 3, and a whole batch of new animation to create the opening sequence shown in Last Vegas earlier this month.

And don’t miss Alex’s making of video.