LEGO invests 500 million on wind farm – energy-neutral by 2020

The LEGO Group’s parent company just announced that it is investing over half a billion dollars (3 billion Danish krone or 400 million euros) on an offshore wind farm off the coast of Germany.

The wind farm will have nearly 80 turbines, and will provide more power than LEGO’s production facilities will be projected to require in 2020, thereby enabling the company to become effectively energy self-sufficient within the next eight years.

This news follows LEGO’s announcement last summer that they are reducing LEGO packaging box sizes and obtaining their wood products from sustainable sources.

3 comments on “LEGO invests 500 million on wind farm – energy-neutral by 2020

  1. Fred

    This a great but there is an elephant in the room: the oil required to make all that plastic.

    I don’t suppose there is much to be done about that.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ I hear ya. It’s two steps in the right direction for a company that makes its products from petroleum. But if LEGO could switch from wood to plastic mid-last-century, I suspect they have the flexibility to find a way to adapt this century. :-)

  3. Fred

    At least the fuel is going towards a “renewable resource” (Lego).
    Beasts turning it into smoke.

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