LEGO Friends + NXT = A Little Bit of Awesome

Anika Vuurzoon has combined two very different areas of our LEGO hobby and crafted a very cool, animated version of the Friends robolab. I would love to see the NXT used like this in more themes. Way to step it up, Anika!

via Legomymamma

6 comments on “LEGO Friends + NXT = A Little Bit of Awesome

  1. Jean C

    It’s always nice to see some animation in a MOC. The use of the NXT might be a bit of overkill; surely, other than the sound FX, some on-off switches would do the same job?

  2. Deus

    NXT has far more potential than this and covering it in pink and giving a minidoll on the side does not reduce the possibilities to an imaginable amount, so this should only be looked on as a prototype, there’s so obviously much more to be done in this crazy style.

  3. shannonocean

    This very beautiful: the automation combined with clean aesthetics make for a wonderful creation. Bravo!

  4. Andrew

    ^ Your comment makes no sense. Start making sense, or we’ll assume that you’re someone who has not read the Terms of Service (particularly the portion about being age 13 or above) and block you from commenting.

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