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Iconic Star Wars scenes medievalized by Piotr Lewandowski

Castle builder Piotr Lewandowski has recreated several iconic scenes from the Star Wars universe as Castle vignettes.

Here’s “Duel of Mates” (inspired by “Duel of the Fates” between Qui-Gon Gin and Darth Maul in Episode I):

And another duel, on “BestPin,” between Luke Groundwalker and Darth Father (heh heh):

(Via VignetteBricks.)

First photo of LEGO Agents 8636 Deep Sea Quest [News]

How Many Studs to LEGOLAND has the first photo of the upcoming LEGO agents set 8636 Deep Sea Quest:

The three lines of text in Japanese say:

  • 8636 | CB [ClickBrick] exclusive | Ages 8 and up
  • Mission 7: Deep Sea Operation
  • 7,990 yen (available mid-September)

Incidentally, Brickset has the full list of upcoming LEGO Agents sets, including high-res box art I hadn’t seen before.

Model of the Empire State to be displayed in the real building

LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kenney recently sculpted the Empire State Building, which was commissioned to be the centerpiece at the new gift shop in the real Empire State Building. Sean points out the fun fact that since the model will be located at the observation deck, it will become the highest LEGO sculpture in the world. Click on the photo below to read more.

Nominations submitted for LEGO Ambassadors [News]

The submission deadline for LEGO Ambassadors was 4:00 PM PDT today. Thanks to everybody who suggested nominees, voted, and contributed testimonials, we had everything in place and I hit Send on the e-mail to LEGO with over 15 minutes to spare! :-D

538 people voted, and here are the results:

  • Andrew Becraft: 323 votes
  • Nannan Zhang: 273 votes
  • Adrian Florea: 171 votes
  • Tim Gould: 152 votes
  • Nathan Proudlove: 101 votes
  • Ley Ward: 81 votes

Although Adrian had the votes to be the third nominee, we didn’t get enough testimonials for him. That means the next person with the necessary number of testimonials (three) became the third nominee. The final list of nominees is:

  • Andrew Becraft
  • Nannan Zhang
  • Tim Gould

With the votes and testimonials in place, we put together the submission package earlier today and I sent it off to LEGO.

We’ve learned a lot from this process, and if LEGO uses the same process next year, we’ll probably do things a bit differently — like not waiting until the last day to put together the submission! If you have any feedback on how we went about this, please feel free to post a comment here or use the Contact page to send us a private message.

Speaking personally now that the nomination process is over, I’m humbled by all the votes cast in my favor, and touched by all the kind words readers posted as testimonials. If selected by LEGO as an Ambassador for the 2008-2009 cycle, I’ll do my very best to represent all of you out there.

Wish us luck! :-)

(For those of you who are also on Flickr, I submitted those nominations as well. Read more in the discussion thread there.)