RG-400 construction mecha by Grenouille

It would seem today is mecha catch-up day. ;-) Our final mecha of the morning is by Brickshelfer Grenouille, whose RG-400 construction mecha towers over the urban landscape:

Here it is in action:

More on Brickshelf. (Via Young Spacers.)

5 comments on “RG-400 construction mecha by Grenouille

  1. LDDmodels

    W00t first comment!

    I have to say thats a good MOC, but the head does’nt really suit the model. could’ve been a BIONICLE head. Like the ones from the Phantoka sets(mask off).

    Anywayz, cool!

  2. Ramone

    I have to disagree, the whole thing looks great! And it’s even better that it’s cavorting around town!!!!

    Giant robots 1
    Giant robots making mayhem for the general populous 5!!

  3. Ramone

    Ak! For whatever reason they didn’t stick, but it should say PLUS 1 for giant bots, PLUS five for mayhem.

    /as you were

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