First photo of LEGO Agents 8636 Deep Sea Quest [News]

How Many Studs to LEGOLAND has the first photo of the upcoming LEGO agents set 8636 Deep Sea Quest:

The three lines of text in Japanese say:

  • 8636 | CB [ClickBrick] exclusive | Ages 8 and up
  • Mission 7: Deep Sea Operation
  • 7,990 yen (available mid-September)

Incidentally, Brickset has the full list of upcoming LEGO Agents sets, including high-res box art I hadn’t seen before.

8 comments on “First photo of LEGO Agents 8636 Deep Sea Quest [News]

  1. Isaac M

    Yes i believe it is, that is what it looks like to me. Also Dr. Inferno seems to have gotten some divers! (BTW, if LEGO were to do a direct price conversion, it would be about $75-$80 US.

  2. David

    We still haven’t seen the base.

    And it is glow in the dark, that’s cool. Not $60 cool, but still cool.

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