Monthly Archives: May 2007

The Yihaggothan Imperium

Mo-ph III, Emperor of Yihaggotha:

A Yihaggothan commando, equipped for cleansing human-infested worlds:

(Grabbing a batch of new deatheater heads from the Bellevue store’s build-your-own minifig bin, I’ve quickly put them to use. I also purchased a batch of rare and non-production parts from Germany that I wanted to use immediately. The black pikes don’t appear in any sets.)

Memorial Day Minifigs

Today is Memorial Day here in the United States — a holiday that honors the men and women who have died in military service to this country. As a pacifist myself, I hope that someday our leaders will stop increasing the number of people we remember on this day each year.

But as a pragmatist, I also know that there are truly unique times in history when the world must come together to stand against evil. I believe that the Allied effort during World War II (against Nazism in particular) was one such time. With that in mind, I built a squad of WW2 U.S. Army minifigs:

Here’s a WW2-era U.S. Marine:

(With M1 helmets and Thompson submachine guns from BrickArms.)

The Love Shack Cubed

No crossover is impossible in the twisted (and brilliant) mind of Mike Crowley: The Love Shack meets the Borg of Star Trek.

The cube folds open to reveal one of the most detailed LEGO playsets I’ve seen.

The rest of the Flikr gallery.

A personal note: I’m very sorry I haven’t been contributing to TBB lately, I was quite busy this semester with classes, and whatever time I had for LEGO (which wasn’t much) I dedicated to brickfilming.  I’ve got summer school in a few weeks, but I plan on contributing at least twice a week.  Its good to be back.