The Yihaggothan Imperium

Mo-ph III, Emperor of Yihaggotha:

A Yihaggothan commando, equipped for cleansing human-infested worlds:

(Grabbing a batch of new deatheater heads from the Bellevue store’s build-your-own minifig bin, I’ve quickly put them to use. I also purchased a batch of rare and non-production parts from Germany that I wanted to use immediately. The black pikes don’t appear in any sets.)

6 comments on “The Yihaggothan Imperium

  1. Dom Fuas

    Damn! How in the world did you get those rare and non-production parts? And how about the new minifigs? You can’t just keep that to yourself! Help a fellow Lego-addict and tell how you got them, please!

  2. Aaron Bulger

    Just a minor nitpick, but I think that the Emperor would look better if the neck bracket was above the pauldron, rather than beneath.

    It’s pretty trivial though, as I love the overall effect! :D

  3. Kawabonga

    For any one who is interested in the store that sells these rare OGEL parts, the store is on
    The name of the store is :
    “Old Lego parts & sets”
    Maintained by heitra (5579)
    Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

    The splash page of the store reads as follows:
    “Last Update of my splash page: 01-05-2007
    Looking for parts in special uncommon colors or special offers ?
    Just type special in the SEARCH Store field.”

    >>>>>Kawabonga, !!!!

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