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Halo LEGO by Brian Kescenovitz

As I said a couple months ago, there’s not a lot of originality in LEGO creations inspired by Halo. My general feeling of dissatisfaction with Halo LEGO extends to my own Master Chief minifig, who I intend to replace soon (despite being featured on Joystiq yesterday).

Still, the game continues to inspire the occasional beauty, such as this true-color Ghost and brick-built Elite by Brian Kescenovitz:

Note that some of the previous Ghosts and Banshees so popular on the Web weren’t built with actual purple bricks like this one is — they were Photoshopped. Here’s Brian’s Warthog:

Don’t miss the rest of Brian‘s Halo creations:

The Omnibus Armored Vehicle Post

Two recent armored vehicles inspired me to dig up my favorite APCs from the past.

But first the new stuff, Carter Baldwin‘s utilitarian APC and Morgan19‘s “UMC BTR-960 Kodiak” (via Klocki):

A pair inspired by Aliens, the first by bitaur and the second by Paul Brassington:

Finally, a micro-APC by nnenn and “Bismarck” by Andrew Horvatits:


I know my brother’s going to resent me for saying this, but first-born children tend to get all the photographic attention — at least until the second kid comes along. The first five years of my life were meticulously photographed by my mom and dad, including a handful of photos documenting my early love of LEGO. Here I am showing off some unrecognizable creation, circa 1978:

I think this one’s a bit earlier, from about 1977:

From 1977 to 2007 and from Basic bricks to Cafe Corner, this post brings my LEGO hobby full circle. I wonder what the next 30 years will bring!

So, do you have any old photos of yourself playing with LEGO as a kid?

Mecha Links for May 20, 2007

Want to build Naoe-Force? Kazuyoshi Naoe is three posts in to a continuing series of step-by-step instructions on his blog:

Channana3‘s top-heavy robots and kwi-chang‘s “LSF-004 Fantasma” starfighter:

Sugegasa’s racing brooms and magical cannon:

And a platform for his broom racers to take a break:

Izzo gets in on some transforming action and a squat little black mecha:

Squieu‘s chess-themed “Guard Bots” (via Moyblik) and Dan Sibley‘s “Benaelem”: