Mecha Links for May 20, 2007

Want to build Naoe-Force? Kazuyoshi Naoe is three posts in to a continuing series of step-by-step instructions on his blog:

Channana3‘s top-heavy robots and kwi-chang‘s “LSF-004 Fantasma” starfighter:

Sugegasa’s racing brooms and magical cannon:

And a platform for his broom racers to take a break:

Izzo gets in on some transforming action and a squat little black mecha:

Squieu‘s chess-themed “Guard Bots” (via Moyblik) and Dan Sibley‘s “Benaelem”:

1 comment on “Mecha Links for May 20, 2007

  1. Sibley

    Wow you really are behind. Blogging two-month-old MOCs? ;) Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to be featured on the Brothers Brick (especially in a post filled with Japanese guys ;) ), so thanks!

    Oh, and the wands on that magical cannon gave me a giggle. Nice.

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