Halo LEGO by Brian Kescenovitz

As I said a couple months ago, there’s not a lot of originality in LEGO creations inspired by Halo. My general feeling of dissatisfaction with Halo LEGO extends to my own Master Chief minifig, who I intend to replace soon (despite being featured on Joystiq yesterday).

Still, the game continues to inspire the occasional beauty, such as this true-color Ghost and brick-built Elite by Brian Kescenovitz:

Note that some of the previous Ghosts and Banshees so popular on the Web weren’t built with actual purple bricks like this one is — they were Photoshopped. Here’s Brian’s Warthog:

Don’t miss the rest of Brian‘s Halo creations:

15 comments on “Halo LEGO by Brian Kescenovitz

  1. David

    “Flickr user Dunechaser would have you believe this is Master Chief (of Halo fame, if you need to know) in LEGO form. The resemblance isn’t exactly uncanny, but major points for effort.”

    Ouch… lol

  2. Alex Peacock

    Woah! I’ve seen his Jackal and Elite before, but man, those VEHICLES are BEAUTIFUL! I love the shaping and color he used on the Banshee and Ghost. Now I feel embarrassed about posting my new Ghost. :(

  3. Kawabonga

    I was disappointed that the story of Halo relates in the game that the Humans have the technology to travel to other galaxies but they are still using projectile based weapons, rubber wheels, and a useless tank in which the occupant can be shot with a sniper rifle (who designed that vehicle?) The tank sounds like it is powered by a diesel engine! Now for the warthog, there is no armor covering the rear gunner on the Warthog and if the vehicle were to flip, the rear gunner would fall out and be crushed and the vehicle has no armor on the side nor has it doors to protect the driver. This vehicle is more inferior than the Hummers that are being used in planet Earth wars. The BUFFALO SERIES, the COUGAR SERIES and the CHEETAH SERIES that are made by [http://www.forceprotection.net/] are superior to the Warthog nonsense in the game Halo, and they are also better, bigger and have more armor than the H1’s.

  4. Alex Peacock

    Dude, it’s a game. Expecting a game with super-accuracy is like expecting superhero comics to have scientific research backing it. They have to balance to vehicles so that they work with game mechanics and gameplay. If you have unstoppable vehicles and super-powered weapons, the game is going to be WAY too easy.

  5. David

    I don’t know what to say about Kawabonga except that he’s a damn freak.

    It’s a game, calm the hell down.

  6. John k

    your creations are the best non decals i have ever seen! some look a little too delicate not sturdy though. but the look great! I love the hunter!

  7. dan

    wow that’s really good like the ghost i think that’s the best vehicles of halo hey do you think you can build a hummer limo because i have been trying to build one and it sucks so far

  8. jpcreptilian

    These are epic… don’t suppose you could post instructions? Though you could definitely sell these designs to lego if you wanted… Lego Halo would make a killing.

  9. BIG T

    Kawabonga you probaly copied that from some website and you really should complain some where else. You probably dont know what projectile means GO TELL IT TO BUNGIE. by the way, nice sets brain. you did a good job

  10. mykindfish

    holy crap dude im speehless. that is good .u have talent ,ive seen good and that is well its really good. you should the ghost is really really good its angled perfectly.nd the banshee is great also i like how u used the bionicle mask for the front.the warthogs turret is good too how did u get it like that?

  11. little t

    nice job man. i dont think i have ever seen such accurate sets. you did a perfect job. PS. do you have any of the instructions written down?

  12. Hunzubunz

    Please send me more pisctures! This is the BEST ghost i’ve ever seen! So is the the banshee! Great warthog, too! Its the most realistic one ive ever seen! Id also like to see more of your grunt. It looks pretty flippin sweet. How do you do it!?

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