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News: Details Released for “LEGO Universe” MMOG

EDIT (6/3/07): Oops. Someone jumped the gun, and the pictures have been taken down. Hope you enjoyed them while they lasted.

The LEGO-themed massively multiplayer online game in development by LEGO and NetDevil now has a name: LEGO Universe. Here’s some preliminary artwork:

And here’s the scoop from Denmark:

  • The LEGO Group is working on a group of initiatives which in the coming years will offer young and older LEGO fans all over the worlds new ways of play and experiences with the LEGO brand. The famous brick and the minifigure will come to live in the virtual world.
  • The new LEGO Universe will combine both gaming, building and the opportunity for social networking on the very same webpage.
  • The whole development process is happening in tight synergy with the dedicated LEGO fans. The fans try out the ideas the professional game developers are creating.
  • According to the plans the LEGO Universe will be to experience on-line for a larger group approx mid 2008.
  • Ultimately the LEGO Group want to offer the unique experience to play with the LEGO brick both virtually and physically together with your friends from all over the world, and you can even change from the physically to the virtual play as you like – “You are in control”.

You can apparently watch a clip on Danish television, though I can’t seem to get it to work. If you don’t speak Danish, try this: If you view this today, click Nyheder in the top right, then click 18.30 under I går. If you view it tomorrow, you’ll need to click 18.30 under Onsdag instead.

Finally, more artwork:

Sebastian Dick’s LEGO Chaingun

The bloggers at Neatorama seem to love LEGO, and for that The Brothers Brick love Neatorama. As one of the top 50 blogs in the world, we also love the traffic they’ve sent us several times over the last few months. :-D

Sebastian Dick‘s LEGO chaingun is at the top of the page on Neatorama right now, so it seems as good a time as any to feature it here (I know it’s a bit old, but I hope it’s new to some of our readers):

Winners announced for the LEGO Castle Contest

Winning entries have been announced for the recent LEGO Castle Contest on Nearly all of the winning entries have been featured here on The Brothers Brick, but there are a couple that we missed.

In the Joust category, DARKspawn topples the competition for his aptly named “Joust”:

Piotr Slezak puts a bolt through the other entries in the Ballista category (don’t miss the animation in his gallery):