News: Details Released for “LEGO Universe” MMOG

EDIT (6/3/07): Oops. Someone jumped the gun, and the pictures have been taken down. Hope you enjoyed them while they lasted.

The LEGO-themed massively multiplayer online game in development by LEGO and NetDevil now has a name: LEGO Universe. Here’s some preliminary artwork:

And here’s the scoop from Denmark:

  • The LEGO Group is working on a group of initiatives which in the coming years will offer young and older LEGO fans all over the worlds new ways of play and experiences with the LEGO brand. The famous brick and the minifigure will come to live in the virtual world.
  • The new LEGO Universe will combine both gaming, building and the opportunity for social networking on the very same webpage.
  • The whole development process is happening in tight synergy with the dedicated LEGO fans. The fans try out the ideas the professional game developers are creating.
  • According to the plans the LEGO Universe will be to experience on-line for a larger group approx mid 2008.
  • Ultimately the LEGO Group want to offer the unique experience to play with the LEGO brick both virtually and physically together with your friends from all over the world, and you can even change from the physically to the virtual play as you like – “You are in control”.

You can apparently watch a clip on Danish television, though I can’t seem to get it to work. If you don’t speak Danish, try this: If you view this today, click Nyheder in the top right, then click 18.30 under I går. If you view it tomorrow, you’ll need to click 18.30 under Onsdag instead.

Finally, more artwork:

13 comments on “News: Details Released for “LEGO Universe” MMOG

  1. smcginnis

    So. Ossum. Jya.

    Is that pic of the figs part of it officially? I’m not sure… since it has custom figs, and it’s on 1000-Steine.


  2. Dunechaser Post author

    The pic of the figs came from Jan Beyer of LEGO, as part of the gallery that included the other two pics, so I’m assuming it’s somehow part of the “package.” It is interesting that the “past” picture includes so many customized and non-LEGO parts. The grey guy in “Present” is also a custom job.

  3. Sibley

    That red alien squid thing in the first pic is scary awesome.

    I am amused by the “future” picture being four Alpha Team figs and a single Classic Space guy.

  4. Jens

    nice and Onsdag is the danish word for wendsday and igår is the danish word for yesterday

  5. RichardAM

    But given the emphasis the game seems to have on creation and modification, it makes sense that there’s going to be pieces and elements that don’t exist in real life, because they’ve been “created by the users”.

    Presumably regarding the torsos there will be an entire colour pallet of options, while, come on, what’s the odd’s that there isn’t a function not to use your own shield design (upload your .JPG here!!) etc

    In essence they are still Lego elements albeit in a different variation because of user input. Perhaps the more popular brick choiuces in the game will be put into production for real physical use?

  6. Blind-Bricks

    Where has the concept art gone? I did not have a chance to see the figure one.

  7. Aaron Bulger

    Actually, the skeleton guy in the Future section looked more like an Alpha-Team inspired custom. The inverted head and scorpion torso have not been, at least to my knowledge, included in any sets.

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  9. Khatie

    I can’t wait for this game to be out! I know I’m late with my reply but I run a children’s gaming site and as I was scouring the ‘Net for more news I came upon this blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Balram Rules

    When is Lego Universe going to be released?
    P.S. I can’t wait for it either because it’s going to knock out Runescape and Club Penguin right out of the internet all the way into Mars.
    I even quit Runescape just because of Lego Universe

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