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Life’s Better With a Lego Titan

Nick’s got the small arms of Titanfall covered, but when it’s time to call in the big guns, you need this Atlas by Sam Wormuth (-infomaniac-).

The staff here is sadly unsavvy to the details of Titanfall, but it doesn’t take an expert to appreciate the level of detailing on this thing. You can practically feel the ground shake just by looking at this killer mech.

Amazing LEGO Hemlok BF-R Rifle from Titanfall

Nick Jensen (Nick Brick) has long been the master of life-sized LEGO built guns, and his latest is from the game Titanfall. While I haven’t managed to play my copy of Titanfall yet, I know enough to say this is an amazingly good looking and functional build.

Titanfall Hemlok BF-R

Check out the full set of images for more angles and a complete breakdown of this incredibly detailed model. And don’t miss all the other great stuff by Nick that we’ve featured here previously, including a life-sized sniper rifle, sticky detonator and battle rifle from Halo.

Titanfall in World War 2.

War. War never changes, but sometimes it’s reimagined. In this case, Kosmas Santosa has taken the Titanfall video game Mech and placed it back into World War 2 with this chillingly well execute build and backdrop.

Titanfall: World War 2 - Front View

Most people would be extremely satisfied building such an awesome mech, but Kosmas has taken this to entirely new level by adding such a stunningly built background:

Titanfall: World War 2 - Details