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A mean green mecha machine

Get ready pilots! Bushido Bots has constructed this impressive mech, inspired by the machines featured in the game, Titanfall. The muscular, rounded form of the mech is created through the use of a variety of sloped parts, including a large amount of wedge pieces. The backpack has some nice curvature around the outer casing thanks to the use of vehicle mudguards. Armed with a multi barreled rifle, cannons and missile pods, this mech is packing some serious firepower. Watch out for this one-eyed wonder on the battlefield!

Fly, awesome mech, fly!

Blasting its way onto our screens, this mech is ready to lead the charge. Bushido Bots has created one tough-looking machine, armed with a staff and several gun turrets. The hints of red and gold, across a mostly white colour scheme, are reminiscent of the designs seen in classic mecha shows. A handlebar piece forms the outline around that piercing blue eye and on the back, there are also adjustable booster engines. It’s great to see a compact mech like this with so many intricate details.