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From New Year’s Day through Christmas, each year is full of holidays celebrated by the diverse cultures of the world — Setsubun in Japan, Halloween in America, and so many more. LEGO builders love to create seasonal models to celebrate these red-letter days.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar now available [News]

The latest addition to LEGO’s line of Advent Calendars, LEGO Star Wars 7958 Advent Calendar, is now available! It features 8 minifigures (Santa Yoda anyone?), a mini X-Wing, mini Millennium Falcon, and 14 other Star Wars or Christmas-related mini-models. It is priced at US$39.99, which is comparable to the other advent calendars. Better pick up a couple of these for yourself and the Star Wars fans in your life.

10222 Winter Village Post Office [News]

LEGO continues to expand its holiday village with the latest addition to the lineup, 10222 Winter Village Post Office.

10222 Winter Village Post Office (1)

Click the pic for the complete photoset on Flickr.

Here are the complete details from LEGO:

10222 Winter Village Post Office

Ages 12+. 820 pieces.
US $59.99 CA $79.99 DE 59.99 € UK 49.99 £

Continuing the winter scene series, the Winter Village Post Office is the perfect snow-covered setting. In the cozy post office, the worker is hard at work sorting all the mail into containers and sacks, while upstairs, there’s just time for the postman to take a break before setting off in the traditional post car with all the letters and gifts. From the pavilion outside, musicians fill the air with music, while children take in the wintry atmosphere by the park bench before throwing snowballs at each other – the musicians had better get ready to duck!

  • Includes 7 minifigures: female post office worker, male postman, female, 2 kids and 2 musicians and a dog!
  • Post office features dark-green split roof with snow, fireplace, light brick, table, coffee mug, and lamppost and mailboxes outside!
  • Also features evergreen tree and assorted minifigure accessories

And look for a designer video in this space shortly!

Schfio’s adorable baby LEGO bunnies celebrate Chinese New Year

Hong Kong LEGO fan Schfio recently posted a pair of rabbits that are so cute I’m not sure what could be cuter.


Although we welcomed the Year of the Rabbit with our Japanese readers back in January, most of the rest of the world celebrates the Lunar New Year alongside our readers in China. To all our readers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’an, Taipei, and everywhere else in the Chinese-speaking world, we wish you all 恭喜發財! May the new year bring peace, prosperity, and happiness wherever life takes you.

Show your love in the Be My Brickentine contest

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the lovely Miss Klementina Kos has announced a contest for all you guys to express love through bricks. If you can build a creation that’ll win the hearts of a panel of female AFOL judges, you’ll be rewarded with a complete set of series 3 minifigs. You can check out the contest details on Flickr or MOCpages.

2011 bounces in on rabbit ‘tocks

かわいいレゴずき (“I Love Cute LEGO”) has their annual roundup of New Year greetings from Japanese LEGO builders up on the blog, replete with adorable bunnies to honor the Year of the Rabbit.

LEGO Year of the Rabbit nengajyou

But most unique of all this year’s New Year creations is this set of osechi cuisine by mumu from the resident builders at かわいいレゴずき:

LEGO Osechi-ryori

I always thought osechi food was a bit of an acquired taste, but I’ve said the same thing about traditional American holiday food. (In both cases, it doesn’t help that my choices are further limited by being a vegetarian from birth.) Whether you appreciate the source of inspiration or not, the LEGO version is a lovely evocation of a uniquely Japanese tradition.

Happy 2011, LEGO fans of the world! Scientists, please provide a status update on your abject failure to give us flying cars and personal robots. We are, after all, living in The Future…

Santa’s not-so-little helpers

Carl Merriam built several large-scale pieces from LEGO for his local department store’s Christmas window. If you look closely, you can see just how big these elves are by comparing them to the R2-D2 that the blue elf is working on.

Two LEGO Elves Wide

If you’re in the Fresno, California area, you can see these in person at the River Park Macy’s

Via The Living Brick.