2019 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of our LEGO Advent Calendar countdown. Each day, we’ll reveal the four mini-builds from the LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Friends, and LEGO City 2019 advent calendars along with commentary from The Brothers Brick team.

If you’re opening one (or more) of these advent calendars along with us, we’ve made sure the pictures and commentary on each day’s models will be behind a jump so we don’t accidentally ruin the surprise. What is in store from Advent Day 4?

For Day 4, we have a large snowy Christmas tree from Harry Potter and a blaster cannon from Star Wars.

Dave: This tree is an odd choice following the two trees from yesterday, but I can’t complain because this one is so well done! Coming in at 34 pieces, this tree ranks as one of the best Christmas trees ever included in a LEGO advent calendar. The dark green and sand green colors compliment each other very nicely.

Now for Star Wars… I guess this is the ubiquitous gun rack for the year’s advent? At least it has more minifig roller skates. That white blaster only ever came in one other set–the Space Train… uh, I mean the 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport.

Lino: Jingle Bells? Pew pew!

Matt: “Oh blasted tree, oh blasted tree.”

Benjamin: Not the tree! Why would you shoot the tree? It’s so much bigger and prettier than the last two.

Ryan: “Clear the halls of pesky Rebels, PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW,

Continuing with Day 4, we have a hamster on a sled ornament from Friends and a snow fort from City.

Dave: We have our first sign of life with a dark orange hamster! I hope he gets more things to ride with other upcoming builds. And while this model is insanely simple, having four minifig ice skate elements can come in handy using them for greebling, car doors, or you know… ice skates. The City build looks more like american football uprights for kicking field goals than a snow fort. Honestly the City calendar is a little disappointing so far. These builds have felt uninspired.

Lino: Alone in my Fortress of Solitude.

Benjamin: It wouldn’t be a Friends calendar without a token cute animal on a sled. 

Whenever we can, we’ll mash up all the LEGO advent calendar builds from that specific day and see what kind of hilarity ensues. Please enjoy these hijinks!

Dave: Adding the trees and the Stormtrooper from yesterday certainly make this scene feel more complete. I wonder how many points shooting down a hamster field goal is worth?

Lino: “No fair, I shot first!”

Benjamin: My money is on the rodent.

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