Meanwhile, on the Satellite of LEGO...

The Brothers Brick contributor Chris Doyle once again builds something based on Mystery Science Theater 3000. What’s his excuse this time?

Some may call it a creative rut. I prefer to think of it as “finding my groove.” I had a blast building characters from the TRY Channel, and thought MST3k would be a great theme to continue with. It’s no secret that I’m a huge nerd when it comes to LEGO versions of MST3k things, and when a table-scrap of Tom Servo “just happened”, I knew it was too late to turn back. And, soon enough, Joel and Crow T. Robot had joined him on a stage based on the Season 2(ish) Satellite of Love.

Meanwhile, on the Satellite of LEGO....

Tom was the first of the three I completed, and he went together pretty quickly. I would have preferred to build him in dark red, but some of the needed parts don’t exist in that color yet. His skirt was the biggest challenge, going through a few iterations before I dismembered my Egghead mech to steal the 3x3x2 dome tops. Tom’s head makes use of a rare part I had been hoarding for years; two transparent-clear 1×2 jumper plates.

Crow was next. I took inspiration from SPARKART!‘s version, but had to make some major changes to get him to be in-scale with Tom. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to get the cowling around his eyes to be deep enough, yet still “read” right. At least his netting was an easy bit, as I had just the right part in yellow.

Joel is a pretty straightforward build with the heavy lifting being done by a variety of curved slopes. I continue to be surprised at how expressive Mixel eyes and bar clips can be, though.
I wanted to be able to fit this build into a display with my other character creations, so it’s built on the same sized baseplate (32×16). That was scaled for two people, so it’s a bit cramped with all three characters on stage. That’s a shame, as it hides the Gizmonic logo I built on the rear wall. At least the tiny little Mad Lights on the desk don’t obscure anything. And when it’s just Joel and Crow talking about the latest Invention Exchange, it all works out fine.

Invention exchange!

Knowing me, it’s only a matter of time before other MST3k icons make their appearance. Do you have a favorite character you’d like to see in this format? Comment and let me know!