Ringing in the holiday season

When you know what you’re doing, LEGO elements create some very interesting patterns and shapes. Builder Azurekingfisher knows what they’re doing. In mobile sculpture, rings and snowflake-like shapes are created from a complex repetition of plant leaves in a variety of hues. Add Technic rods and connectors to hang them from, and you have an art installation just waiting to happen.

mobile sculpture

The geometric patterns are stand-alone cool, but look at the nifty little color-coordinated holiday creatures that inhabit them. The use of hinge cylinders for the limbs is fun, but not quite as fun as the 1×1 brick with scroll elements used for curls on the shoes. The ice cream cone noses are a nice touch, too.

mobile sculpture

The vibrant colors of these mobiles let them stretch happily from the colors of fall into the spiraling madness of the December holiday season. Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

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