Build your own classic pickup truck [Instructions]

If you are like me, building cars and trucks that look like the real thing in LEGO is challenging. I can handle castles and spaceships, but real-world stuff is hard. Fortunately for me, and for you if you are like me, Norton74 is here to help us out, generously sharing instructions and parts for a sweet looking set of wheels. It ain’t sexy, and it ain’t fast, but it looks just right – like it just pulled a trailer full of hay bales down the back roads of Iowa. All it is missing is some rust, but you could add that with some custom stickers or dark orange bits placed in just the right spots.

The red and white color scheme is perfect, but you could change it to green or blue if you have the parts; since it consists of 164 elements, it won’t break the bank if you have to order some. By its scale, I would say that it looks like it would fit perfectly next to your old 6-stud-wide Speed Champions sets (themselves classics now, with the move to 8-wide) while cruising downtown looking for a bite at Irma’s Diner.

Pick-up truck | Instructions and part list
Pick-up truck | Instructions and part list

Pick-up truck | Instructions and part list

3 comments on “Build your own classic pickup truck [Instructions]

  1. Purple Dave

    The grille on the completed model is significantly different from what’s shown in the instructions. Where the latter just uses trans-clear plates for headlights, the finished version has chrome 1×1 round plates (super expensive if you don’t buy custom chromes parts), trans-clear 1×1 round tiles, and a white Technic band wrapped around the grille and headlights.

  2. Violet Dadfyd

    Do you do anything but complain? It would really be appreciated if the mods of this site would delete this whinging arse’s comments. Makes the site unpleasant to visit.

  3. Andrew

    @Violet: Purple Dave has been banned from several other LEGO sites, but like many of his kind, he has learned how to toe the line of a website’s Terms of Service without ever actually crossing it. Personally, I don’t quite understand how someone can live their life spewing that much negativity everywhere, but the common thread in his comments is that he has to be right. Fortunately, he often isn’t, but hasn’t taken the hint from a) being wrong or b) reading comments like yours that make it clear he’s not very welcome by the rest of our readers.

    @Purple Dave: Perhaps you might want to consider taking Violet’s feedback as representative of an unsurprising proportion of other commenters. The Brothers Brick is, ultimately, a private website and not a government website or public space where you have an inherent right to free speech. You’ve learned that you’ll be banned the moment you cross the line, but I hope you also understand that we want to create a positive, affirming space for our readers, and that you’re one of the frequent commenters who drags discourse in the wrong direction. I won’t suggest you get a puppy because that would probably be unfair to the puppy, but you clearly need more love in your life. Here’s a virtual hug. Now, take your angst and misanthropy elsewhere and try to keep things more positive. You’ve been warned. Seriously.

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