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Drone Combat Scout Helicopter 18

I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a real dark-bley building kick lately. That means I seem to just keep adding creations to the Iron Mountain Legion’s arsenal, which is starting to turn into a largish group. This time, it’s another dual-rotored helicopter. I just love this configuration, even if the blades don’t mesh.

Some may say that building all in one, neutral, color is “easy” and perhaps a “cop-out” to avoid having to think about color I say that while this may be the case, it still looks good. It also makes sticker usage come to the forefront, as that’s where most of the contrasting color (mostly white in this case) comes from. There is a little bit of yellow and blue on this sucker, but apparently none of the photos are of that side of the chopper.

Drone Combat Scout Helicopter 18

It also turns out that trying to photograph something with even a tiny bit of yellow on it against a yellow backdrop is a disaster.

6357 Redux

Set 6357 Redux by Mike Psiaki and me

I recently contacted Mike Psiaki about redoing my favourite childhood set 6357 in a modern and detailed form. He agreed and after much conversation, sharing of photos and work this is the result. The helicopter was mostly made by Mike and the truck by me but both were discussed at length to get them looking as good as we could manage. The trailer was a true combined effort with each of us contributing many ideas.

Mikes Steam Digger

Although Mike has been more busy building than me.

Iron Mountain Legion Attack Helicopter

Ever since I built this helicopter, I’ve wanted to build another meshed-rotor helicopter. I also wanted to combine the two windscreen pieces I used, before someone else beat me to the punch.

Iron Mountain Legion Attack Helicopter 7709

I built this to accompany the Iron Mountain Legion Tank, that I posted recently. Like the tank, this is destined for a diorama I’m working on with a friend, for BrickFair. Unlike the tank, this is motorized. In fact, I ran the motor for most of these photos, to try for a bit of motion blur, which I think worked out well in some shots.

A reminder, don’t forget to come check us out at BrickFair! We should have some awesome displays!

EH-191 Whirlwind military chopper by Aleksander Stein

A LEGO military model you probably can’t buy is this dark green beauty by Aleksander Stein.

EH-191 Whirlwind helicopter

The helicopter can seat ten minifigs (2 crew, 8 troops) and has internal lighting. I find the unique shape of the blades particularly noteworthy.

See more in Aleksander’s EH-191 Whirlwind photoset on Flickr. (Hat-tip to reader Kaupuan.)

News Channel 3 Chopper

News Channel 3 ChopperI wasn’t planning to blog any of my contributions to Keith’s big diorama independently here. Then someone told me that they thought my helicopter was the best thing I’d ever built. I thought that in that case, maybe I should post it, in case I never match it again. I hope other people like it as much my vocal friend does. I have to give some credit for the dual-interlocking rotor idea to Tim G, as I first saw the idea on one of his creations.

Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter by Ralph Savelsberg

Ralph Savelsberg‘s latest helicopter can fly higher and carry more cargo than any of his previous helicopters. In contrast to some of his earlier work, the cockpit glass is entirely brick-built — and built well indeed!

Here’s Ralph’s Chinook side by side with his earlier CH-46E Sea Knight:

RAMM Spatzenfalke by Tim Zarki

Perhaps it’s the very uniformity and consistency of RAMM LEGO creations that define the good ones. But occasionally, someone posts a creation that’s fundamentally different from the rest, making it great.

Tim “Spook” Zarki takes RAMM in a new direction with this fantastic helicopter:

Spatzenfalke may mean “sparrow hawk”, but the nose and tail remind me of a shark. Then again, Fliegenhai doesn’t have the same ring as Spatzenfalke, does it? ;-)

There are a bunch more pics on Next-gen, as well as a detailed description on Tim’s blog.

Massive LEGO Eurocopter Tiger ARH by Peter Edwards uses 5,866 bricks

Peter Edwards was commissioned to build a Eurocopter Tiger ARH for Australian Aerospace, the company building the real thing.

As you can see from the minifig in the photo, the LEGO Eurocopter is absolutely huge. It’s over 51″ (130 cm) long, with a rotor span of more than 44″ (113 cm).

Peter designed the helicopter in LEGO Digital Designer, ordered the necessary parts from Pick-A-Brick, and then put together the 5,866 pieces over a weekend.

To withstand the rigors of long-term display at Australian Aerospace, Peter then took another 150 hours over 5 weeks to glue the model together.

To see lots more photos, check out Peter’s Bodville site and click ARH Tiger in the menu on the left.

Sadly, for those of you hoping to build your own Tiger from Peter’s design in LEGO Digital Designer, many of the bricks Peter used are no longer available from Pick-A-Brick, making this truly a one-of-a-kind creation.