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Who just scored the most candy on Halloween? This guy!

Japanese builder (and TBB regular) nobu_tary joins the Halloween celebration with this adorable pair of costumed kids. I like how Nobu has differentiated the Frankenstein’s Monster costume from the kid himself, but it’s the awesome expressions on both kids’ faces that I love. Clearly, the little girl has a long night of dealing with her brother’s sugar highs ahead of her!

Halloween 2015

The Ring ...just don’t answer it

Our Halloween-themed Week of Wonders continues and takes a sinister turn as Paddy Bricksplitter shares his build based on the psychological thriller The Ring.

The Ring

The movie tells the story of an urban legend where a videotape filled with nightmarish images leads to a phone call foretelling the viewer’s death in exactly seven days. Paddy has managed to capture the eerie atmosphere with his intricate static television screen and blue tinted LED lighting. While his antagonist is called ‘Brickmara’ rather than Samara, her bony fingers and dishevelled hair are perfectly creepy.

Just remember not to answer the phone if it rings now you have seen this build…

Prepare yourself for a nasty turn

Will this Halloween Week of Wonders never cease? Apparently not! There’s more than meets the eye with these awesome little studs-out Halloween figurines by accomplished young LEGO sculptor Will Ho. Each one has a different mechanical “reveal” – click to watch the video demonstrations. I particularly like the design of the Invisible Man – very clever indeed!

Halloween Monster - Dracula Frankenstein !!!!!!
Halloween Pumpkin Man Halloween monsters - Invisible Man

If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs...

Is it Thursday already? While my neighbors and I begin to appreciate the literal pit of hell that we have dug for ourselves with this year’s haunted house project, I will tear myself away for a moment to bring you some more frightful builds in this, our Halloween-themed Week of Worries Wonders.

For the third wave in his ongoing Blockheads project, Dave Kaleta decided to honor this most unholy of holidays with a set of heads representing popular Halloween characters.

Now someone who could probably make use of one of those heads is the Headless Horseman, rendered here in Bionicle form by Mohamed Marei. Hmmm, another Bioncle-based Halloween creation, you say? I wonder if there’s a contest going on somewhere…

Dressed to kill

Having masqueraded variously as Elmo, Blue Man Group and Marie Antoinette in previous years, I’m a firm believer that costumes are the best thing about Halloween. So in our week-long exploration of the holiday, let’s take a look at a couple!

I’m not sure whether this vamp and vampire by Brothers Brick regular Letranger Absurde are intended to represent costumed party-goers or bona fide members of the Nosferatu, but there is so much to love about this build – from the perfectly proportioned outfits, to the clever part usage, and attention to detail in the dilapidated background.

But what’s better than a LEGO costume you can actually wear? I would happily go trick-or-treating in See Music‘s “mask of horror”, which is constructed entirely from Bionicle pieces and bears more than a passing resemblance to Donnie Darko. Not sure how you’d actually eat the candy in this thing, though!

The road to hell is paved with gourd intentions

Our pre-Halloween Week of Wonder continues with a couple of fresh perspectives on the humble Jack-o-lantern. Apparently it’s not all headless horseman chasing a bunch of pesky kids and their stupid dog!

First we have the Groundskeeper, a surprisingly helpful “gourd sprite” devised by Bionicle wizard Micah Berkoff. As yard help goes, these things sound pretty economical so I’m definitely gonna have to charm myself one.


Next up is the Pumpkin Diner, a delightfully seasonal addition to Heartlake City dreamt up by Palixa and the Bricks. It comes complete with a fully detailed interior and even a set of costumed Friends!


Week of Wonder ...and Witches ...and Werewolves ...and Wookies

Halloween is less than a week away. For kids, it’s one night of dressing up, trick-or-treating, and gorging on vast amounts of delicious candy. For parents, it’s several frantic weeks of constructing costumes, decorating houses, and avoiding vast amounts of fattening candy. Yes, this holiday really does have something for everyone!

To get into the spirit of the season, we’ll be bringing you the best new Halloween-themed LEGO creations all week, starting with this deviously constructed witch by Serbian builder DjorDje. “Bionicle, Bionicle, toil and trouble…”

And for another fine example of witchcraft (see what I did there?) look no further than this old hag named Henrietta, by teen builder P Squiddy

Pew-Pew Punkin’

Continuing with the Hallowe’en theme, Chris Maddison has just posted this neat little transforming pumpkinbot. I would love to have one of these sitting on my doorstep to blast those pesky little kids that run across the lawn instead of using the walkway!



Due to popular demand, Chris has recently posted the following instructions in case you want build your own pumpkinbot.

Build Your Own Pumpkinbot

Happy Hallowe’en From The Brothers Brick

On this All Hallow’s Eve we at the Brothers Brick hope all the little ghosts and ghouls out there have a fun, spooky and safe time trick-or-treating. Here are some appropriate creations to feast your eyes on…

This Is Halloween by Powerpig
This is Halloween

Ma.K-O-Lantern by Ryan K

Halloween by LEGO DOU Moko

Movie Maniacs – Halloween Figbarf! by Hammerstein NWC
Movie Maniacs - Halloween Figbarf!

Caught on Camera: A True Account of the Haunting of the Abraham Family.

Grab some candy-corn and your hockey mask; it’s time for some spooky action to get you psyched for All Hallows’ Eve. These eye popping scenes were designed by Kiwi Millie McKenzie (Leda Kat) who has a real talent (even without the ghosts) for taking the mundane and turning it into something spectacular. Although the photos will lead you to the collection of scenes on Flickr, you can only get the full sequence with its accompanying story over on MOCpages.

caught on camera - shower

caught on camera - priest

Thug Bunny wants your candy and your soul.

French builder 6kyubi6 a.k.a. Jimmy makes his fourth appearance of 2013 with “Thug Bunny“, a vision of leporine horror that is sure to get you ready for Samhain. Some models don’t need explanation or description so I’ll leave you two alone. I can’t stare into those eyes any longer…look for more entries in the Badnimals series as the month progresses.