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Lovely LEGO Apple II Plus even has an interior

We often admire buildings and spaceships for having a “detailed interior,” but it’s not often I get to say that about a LEGO computer. This Apple II Plus (or Apple ][+ if you want to get technical) by Chiu-Kueng Tsang (chiukeung) certainly recreates the look of this classic computer from the era before Apple made its first Mac.

LEGO Apple II Plus

But I’m most impressed that Chiu-Kueng even built the internal hardware — perhaps a bit of that whopping 48 KB of RAM.

LEGO Apple II Plus interior

Thanks to John Baichtal over at MAKE for the tip!

iPhone Gaming Stand by Cam M.

Cam M. built himself a nifty little stand to hold his iPhone so that he can actually steer while playing car racing games. Cam utilized a Smallworks Brickcase to attach the phone, but it would still be possible to do something like this without such a case. I think I may have just found myself a project for this weekend.

iPhone Gaming Stand

Here it is in action:

It appears we have featured this type of thing previously, however, this doesn’t make Cam’s any less awesome :)

Powerpig’s perfect Apple Macintosh

We love Chris McVeigh (powerpig on Flickr) for the many real-world objects he recreates so faithfully — and photographs so beautifully — in LEGO. His latest is the original Apple Macintosh. That thing over on the left is called a “mouse.”


While we’re at it, here’s a wonderful little Leica M9 camera we didn’t get to a couple weeks ago.

Mini Hermes Leica M9

If you feel like buying one for yourself, it’s available in Powerpig’s store.

Get TBB on your iPhone with the Bricking News app [News]

Ever wanted a native iPhone experience for browsing LEGO news and creations on The Brothers Brick? Well, now there’s an app for that. The Bricking Newsicon app — developed by FBTB’s Ace Kim — lets you access FBTB, Eurobricks, Brickset, and The Brothers Brick, along with an easier way to view LEGO pictures on Flickr.

LEGO Bricking News iPhone app

Check out Bricking Newsicon in the iTunes App Store, and download it for just 99 cents.

iPick-a-Brick for your Apple iPhone [News]

Michael Huffman, creator of the wonderful LEGO image aggregation site BrickBuildr, has just announced the release of an online tool for the Apple iPhone to check the inventory of your local LEGO Store’s Pick-a-Brick wall.

Using iPick-a-Brick, you can select an order in which to display your results and you can filter by either color or part type.

Here are a couple photos showing iPick-a-Brick in action (courtesy Joe Meno):

And a couple screen shots:

The inventory is currently limited to the Orlando store, but additional stores will become available as people throughout the country begin contributing information. If you’d like to contribute data to this project, please contact Mike using the contact info in his LUGNET post.

If you’re reading this from an iPhone (and I know some of you are), you can access iPick-a-Brick from the following address: