iPick-a-Brick for your Apple iPhone [News]

Michael Huffman, creator of the wonderful LEGO image aggregation site BrickBuildr, has just announced the release of an online tool for the Apple iPhone to check the inventory of your local LEGO Store’s Pick-a-Brick wall.

Using iPick-a-Brick, you can select an order in which to display your results and you can filter by either color or part type.

Here are a couple photos showing iPick-a-Brick in action (courtesy Joe Meno):

And a couple screen shots:

The inventory is currently limited to the Orlando store, but additional stores will become available as people throughout the country begin contributing information. If you’d like to contribute data to this project, please contact Mike using the contact info in his LUGNET post.

If you’re reading this from an iPhone (and I know some of you are), you can access iPick-a-Brick from the following address:


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