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The corner bookstore on Modular Street

If you’re in search of some excellent LEGO literature, then head on down to this corner bookshop modular by Flickr user thilo.schoen. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this build reminds me of my many shopping trips through downtown Minneapolis in college. The façade of the building makes excellent use of depth. The insets of the arches, the windows set a half-stud in from the wall, and the grooved sand green bricks help break up the monotony of those repeated patterns. I love the detailing on the fire escape, displaying some strong work with bars and clips. But my favorite detail in the build has got to be the lampposts. Such a simple design, and yet it feels unique, and especially fitting given the style of the bookstore in the background.

City Books

The builder also provides some shots of the interior, showcasing the details of the bookstore, art gallery, apartment, and rooftop garden. The use of the art gallery’s logo on the interior and exterior is a great touch.

City Books

Little Apple gets an upgrade

This little LEGO beige box, by Thilo Schoen, is none other than the original 1984 Apple Macintosh. Over the years, I’ve seen quite a few builds of the Mac in question. But Thilo’s Hello Mac! is sporting something special. With the real one traditionally packing 128 KB of RAM, this sweet little recreation has been retrofitted with technology 25 years its junior: a 2009 iPod nano. Built tightly around this powerful futuristic processer, Thilo has kept its iconic shaping with some seamless SNOT work. The beveled edge framing the screen hasn’t been lost in the process either. I’m particularly fond of the modified 1×2 grille bricks used along the bottom as venting. Most impressive to me though, was that he has raised the front side up one plate thickness. This subtlety allows the whole unit to give it its classic tilted face.

Hello Mac!

Beautiful microscale model of Saint-Tropez

If you have ever visited the charming seaside village of Saint-Tropez on the southern coast of France, then this model by Thilo Schoen will be instantly recognizable. There are so many details that make this LEGO scene by the sea come alive, including colorful shops along the marina, terracotta roof tiles, and the yellow-topped bell tower of the church (Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunció). Topping everything off is the citadel, which towers majestically above the town. Another enjoyable detail includes boats filling the marina, built studs-down using the new modified 1×2 rounded plate in white.