The One Ring to rule them all – the “spaceship” at Apple Park in LEGO

All devout Apple adherents must make a pilgrimage to the One Ring located at 1 Apple Park Way. In many ways the draw that the one ring had towards Bilbo and Frodo is quite similar to Apple loyalty and magnetic magic of desire when a new iPhone hits the stores. This LEGO model of the Apple Park may look quite simple, but it’s quite a feat in terms of scale and detail. Spencer R made references from early drone videos and whatever he could get his hands on.

Apple "Spaceship" Campus

View Looking South East

Details include barren patches where foliage hasn’t fully bloomed, quite nicely represented by Tan coloured 1×1 Tooth Tiles.

Meandering Through the Meadow

The fitness center located in the northwest corner of the campus has some intricate, minimalist detailing in buildings, basketball courts, tennis courts, and an athletic field.

Fitness Center

No detail is spared, with an entrance to the Steve Jobs Theatre where all big product launches are unveiled.

Entrance to the Steve Jobs Theater

Looking North

Apple Park