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Zombie hordes, nuclear annihilation, rising sea levels, the monkeypox — the future doesn’t look too bright for all those smiling LEGO minifigs. But survivors abound in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, entrenched in well-guarded camps or on the road in crazy armored contraptions. Check out all these post-apoc models to see that there is indeed hope for LEGO humanity after all…

The Great Emancipator

With my latest creation in the Iron Mountain Legion theme, I wanted to add some levity. It’s a post apocalyptic military force, but I imagine their grip on historical record might be a bit lacking.

Linear Neuralnet Cyborg unit 1 (LNC-1)  04

I imagine them recovering a prewar robot, and deciding to turn it into an inspirational tool, as well as a weapon. I also just thought that the idea of a robot Lincoln was hilarious, and once I thought of it, I had to build it. The name, of course, adds to the joke, Linear Neuralnet Cyborg 1 (LNC-1).

Girlpocalypse Now

I’m back from BrickCon, and ready to unveil the only new creation I’ve built since July. I had the funky idea to build this one evening, and actually had the time to do so. I figured that the post-apocalypse building scene could use a little more levity, and what’s better than cheerleaders to bring some cheer? Of course, I had to try to build a stereotypical cheerleader vehicle, which pretty much had to be an open top jeep or a VW cabrio. Then I added the legs, to make it more interesting, as well as ridiculous.

Cheerleader Battle Mecha-Jeep 04

At the behest of a friend, I brought the creation to BrickCon, and took photos of it on as many cool creations as I could manage. I didn’t anticipate the big response it got, so don’t be surprised to see some more girls of the apocalypse from me (nurses anyone?).

Bloody puppet, do your dance…

Brian Kescenovitz (mondayn00dle) is another builder who probably has more works featured on our blog than not. What makes this creation unique is the combination of an emotionally arousing scene and backstory (yes, a Lego creation can be more than eye-candy). The rust stains on the rare Bionicle mask of the hardsuit mirrors the stains of blood and adds to the twisted setting. The hardsuit also seats a complete minifig.

Another Dark Bley Creation

This one is mine, though. It’s an addition to the Iron Mountain Legion theme that I’ve been tinkering with on and off lately. I wanted to keep with the overall style of that theme, which meant large bulky armor pieces. It also requires somewhat comic proportions, hence the tall turret.

I wanted this creation to look overtly functional. I tried to add interesting details to support that style, such as the winch and textured armor pieces. This was also the reason that there are so many vents pointing in various directions, so that it looks like it could be held in position by their thrust.

Iron Mountain Legion Prototype Hover Tank