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Zombie hordes, nuclear annihilation, rising sea levels, the monkeypox — the future doesn’t look too bright for all those smiling LEGO minifigs. But survivors abound in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, entrenched in well-guarded camps or on the road in crazy armored contraptions. Check out all these post-apoc models to see that there is indeed hope for LEGO humanity after all…

Another Dark Bley Creation

This one is mine, though. It’s an addition to the Iron Mountain Legion theme that I’ve been tinkering with on and off lately. I wanted to keep with the overall style of that theme, which meant large bulky armor pieces. It also requires somewhat comic proportions, hence the tall turret.

I wanted this creation to look overtly functional. I tried to add interesting details to support that style, such as the winch and textured armor pieces. This was also the reason that there are so many vents pointing in various directions, so that it looks like it could be held in position by their thrust.

Iron Mountain Legion Prototype Hover Tank

Jumping on the primopoc slavewagon

This primopoc slave transport by Bart De Dobbelaer is continuing his streak of clever and silly scenes that are well executed.

LEGO PRIMO Bart de Dobbelaer primopoc slave transport

I too am a fan of primopoc, but not so much of slavery. After the point-counterpoint intellectual property editorials followed by two posts about modern military depictions, it seemed to be the responsible thing to follow yesterday’s slavery themed post with another. Symmetry.

Is it funny just because it’s primo? Does the smiling leashed PRIMO female figure in the background make it funny, or too messed up? Where are the boundaries? Is it okay because it’s not a depiction of modern slavery?

[In case any of you are wondering, even I'm reaching the end of my ability to continue these debates, so I don't plan on doing similar posts for a bit. Back to featuring basic creations.]

Primopocalypse Now

On the lighter end of the violence-in-LEGO spectrum, I’m predicting a new bandwagon started by KryptonHeidt. It’s called Primopoc, and it’s hilariously awesome.

LEGO Primopoc Reaper

Primopoc combines the tired tropes of ApocaLEGO — chains, buzz saws, ladders, and Gatling guns — with LEGO Primo components from the late 90′s. In doing so, Primopoc undermines the seriousness of ApocaLEGO and the baby-friendly image of Primo, yielding a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

A bird’s eye view of Snowmageddon

Brandon Bannerman (Catsy) may live here in the warmer-than-average Pacific Northwest, but the recent snowstorms on the East Coast — and echoes of Snowpocalypse 2008 — have inspired him to build this scene for the ApocaLEGO Blood in the Snow contest.

LEGO Snowmageddon

Brandon combines microscale with minifig-scale for some truly excellent forced perspective.

Blood in the Snow

Carter Baldwin posted a creation a few days ago that’s feeling pretty relevant to me right now. Here in DC, we’re expecting a snowfall of up to two feet.

While stuck inside, I’ve been splitting my time between building, and looking for things to blog here. Carter’s creation hit just the right cord for me. The fact that it’s well built helps too. This is a great looking cliff face, and the icicles (using some sort of aftermarket part) are a very nice touch.

Blood in the Snow

It’s also the trophy for a contest!

Drone Combat Scout Helicopter 18

I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a real dark-bley building kick lately. That means I seem to just keep adding creations to the Iron Mountain Legion’s arsenal, which is starting to turn into a largish group. This time, it’s another dual-rotored helicopter. I just love this configuration, even if the blades don’t mesh.

Some may say that building all in one, neutral, color is “easy” and perhaps a “cop-out” to avoid having to think about color I say that while this may be the case, it still looks good. It also makes sticker usage come to the forefront, as that’s where most of the contrasting color (mostly white in this case) comes from. There is a little bit of yellow and blue on this sucker, but apparently none of the photos are of that side of the chopper.

Drone Combat Scout Helicopter 18

It also turns out that trying to photograph something with even a tiny bit of yellow on it against a yellow backdrop is a disaster.