Dial Z for Zombie

This deceptively simple pile o’ figs is clearly a recreation of the Jerusalem scene from World War Z. But builder LEGO Will actually meant it as comment on shopping mania around the new Star Wars merch. However, I think it may become relevant again next week as LEGO fans clamor to pick up their WALL-E and Dimensions sets!

We might be looking at a new LEGO meme here, folks…

1 comment on “Dial Z for Zombie

  1. Creative Anarchy

    Much as I am impacted by toy collectors who can’t behave maturely I have a hard time with criticism of the folks who freaked out about the new star wars toys. The fans didn’t manufacture the scarcity or the false promotion of items to create a fervor. They simply wanted to be rewarded for their time and devotion for the opportunity to be customers and instead they were lied to and in some cases abused by the stores they tried to be patrons to. Star Wars toy collectors are an incredibly not-entitled group when you take into account how much money they put in cash registers for these stores. After the stories I heard about how people who waited in line for hours for the opportunity to pay for merchandise were treated I would be completely fine with them destroying empty displays or setting fire to stores. The fact that they got unruly or badmouthed the stores that gave them the middle-finger seems awfully merciful in my eyes.

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