I can’t cedar wood fur the trees

In order to create all the amazing stuff you see here every day, LEGO builders have to do what all artists do: (a) learn a variety of strange techniques, and (b) endlessly steal from one another. And now fans of Microscale dioramas have a chance to kill two birds with one stone! Serbian builder Milan Sekiz has used a relatively new sloped piece (lovingly nicknamed the baby bow) to come up with three different microscale tree designs. Change the colors of the bows to represent different seasons.

1 comment on “I can’t cedar wood fur the trees

  1. dtowncracka

    Cool designs!
    I remember back in a discussion with Mark S. I told him those new 1×2 slopes were fantastic. He went on to say that around TLG, they were referred to as ‘Lillies’. They were given this name as a nod to the designer that developed this piece who had just welcomed his new daughter ‘Lily’ into the world!

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