LEGO Creator Blue Power Jet 31039 [Review]

For a few weeks now I’ve had Lego set 31039, Blue Power Jet, sitting on a shelf in my LEGO room. It’s currently $69.55 from amazon. I picked mine up from the LEGO Store in Tyson’s Corner back in August after Brickfair, because, as an aircraft builder, I figured I would enjoy building this and be well-suited to write a set review. However, subsequently, I didn’t get around to it. Fortunately, my father helped me out here. He stayed at my place for a while a few weeks ago and, some of the time together was spent with me building my Men In Black Ford and with him building the jet. The review, however, still went nowhere.

Lego set 31039, Blue Power Jet

For the record, the set contains 608 parts and the instructions to build the jet or, alternatively, a powerboat or a helicopter. My father, who never had LEGO as a child, enjoyed the build, although the dark blue, dark grey and black were a bit hard to identify in the instructions. The model looks great and construction of the wings clearly shows the masterful hand of Mike Psiaki, who, before becoming a set designer, was already well-known for his ingenious aircraft models. The jet has lots of play features, such as an opening cockpit, a folding undercarriage and moveable control surfaces, yada yada yada. I’m ill-suited to writing this review (and not just because I didn’t graduate from The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy; for a more detailed review with lots of photographs of the model under construction, I suggest brickset). As nice as the finished jet is, I don’t enjoy following instructions for anything and the main reason why I like this set and pretty much the whole point of any LEGO set is that I can use the parts to build my own models. This one is a wonderful parts pack. Just look at all that lovely dark blue. Preciousss!

As LEGO fans we’ve all probably heard or read it many times: according to lots of people who used to build with LEGO as children, back in the sixties and seventies LEGO only made simple bricks in boxes with no instructions, but nowadays, if you look at the LEGO shelves in your local toy store, all you’ll see are licensed products and sets full of parts that can only be used for the model in the instructions. This allegedly kills children’s creativity. Have these people looked at the Creator range at all? One would think that the fact that there are instructions for three different models is enough of a hint that the parts aren’t single use. This doesn’t only apply to an arguably fairly expensive set such as the Blue Power Jet, but also to the smaller sets in the range. Furthermore, just because there are instructions, doesn’t mean your children have to follow them. Radical, isn’t it? What kills creativity is having them build the model from the instructions and then not allowing them to take it apart and mix up the elements with all the other parts, because a few might get lost or because, eventually, your children may want to rebuild the original. Have them improvise! I betcha Mike used to build his own stuff when he was a child.

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  1. Buffalorand

    BRAVO!!!!!! This is actually the BEST review I have ever read on this blog! I see it every day (both the set and the example); parents telling children, actually TELLING them they can have the set if they promise not to take it apart this time. People asking what kind of glue to use. Parents complaining about their kids not being able to or most likely not willing to follow the instructions. It makes me die a little inside every time. This set is so loaded with needed parts everyone should buy 2! The jet is fun to build. It is even more fun to take apart! I think my scratch built Market Street is just about done now that we have this (rather large) gem in the collection!

  2. Ralph Post author

    Thanks. I’m glad you like it. I remember a mother at a show proudly telling me that her son had all his LEGO sets still in one piece. She also wouldn’t believe that the models I was displaying weren’t bought or built from instructions.

    @Red Spacecat
    In that case, you’ll like the review on Eurobricks more!

  3. Buffalorand

    Ah, well, I hear the minifig thing a lot too so I assumed Red Spacecat was being sincere. You would be surprised (or maybe not) how many fans feel every set should have at least 3 minifigs if it is to have honest value.

  4. Red Spacecat

    @ Buffalorand: I was kinda joking, but it’s clearly designed to incorporate minifigs (they fit perfectly). Even though the plane would be ‘trainer’ sized instead of F22/F35 sized in real life, I would actually have loved to have a fighterpilot-themed crew with this model.

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