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Nice Winnebago but will it keep you safe from The Walking Dead?

Who could forget season one of The Walking Dead? Come to think of it, I forgot most of it. 2010 was a long time ago! Was that before or after Carl got to wear his dad’s hat? Anyway, one detail that still knocks around the ol’ reptile brain is Dale’s Winnebago and Jonas Kramm has done a great job recreating it in LEGO. Here we see Dale keeping an eye out for Walkers in (relative) safety from the roof. I’m loving the cooler, radio, beach chair, umbrella, and aerial antenna. It has all the makings to keep the whole gang safe through one season of the apocalypse only to have something horrific happen to it and all occupants not named Rick a short time later. Good times! While we’re wracking our delicious braaaaaains trying to remember what happened to Dale, take a slow shambling walk down memory lane and check out some other Walking Dead LEGO scenes that also didn’t go well for anyone.

The Walking Dead - Dales RV

Goodbye, Sophia

Speedyhead has beautifully captured what was easily the most heart-wrenching scene from season 2 of The Walking Dead. I can still recall the sense of dread, as the camera focuses on the small gap in the barn door, and Sophia emerges from the darkness.

The barn itself is wonderfully detailed and weathered. While the use of so many different grass elements along the edge of the barn conveys a sense of managed chaos as nature starts to reclaim civilization.

There are so many other details worth mentioning in this LEGO creation, besides the barn itself. The use of “stalks” of Technic connectors to form the gnarled tree, the wire fence, and the tractor are also great touches. I also love the use of some fairly old wheel rims for the flatbed cart.

You want to know what I was before all this? I was nobody. Nothing.

Fans of the graphic novels or the AMC show will appreciate these Walking Dead LEGO creations by Jonas Obermaier. The first scene features everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic redneck, Daryl Dixon. Jonas created a sleek motorcycle for Daryl that has just enough detail (look, there’s even some chrome!) to look like a million bucks. He also turned out Daryl’s legs for a more natural pose.

Daryl Dixon's bike

Jonas’s other Walking Dead build is a gruesome scene featuring Negan. There are a lot of interesting building techniques here, but what I love most is the ribbed hose (cut into strips) used to enhance Negan’s bat. And word on the street is that Jonas is working on a larger Walking Dead display for ComicCon Germany, so we should be seeing even more Walking Dead LEGO very soon!


Dale Horvath’s RV from The Walking Dead in LEGO [Instructions]

While Dale may not get to enjoy his retirement driving around the country with his wife in an RV, we can all enjoy this great LEGO rendition of his iconic vehicle from the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, built by hachiroku24. The builder has included numerous key details, including all the gear Dale needs on his roof to keep watch over the survivors’ camp. I particularly like the rolled up awning.

Dale's RV from The Walkind Dead (with instructions)

If you want to build your own LEGO version of Dale’s RV, the builder has provided step-by-step instructions in the following video.

The (LEGO) Walking Dead

I have to disclose I’ve not ever seen The Walking Dead, inspiration for Jerome Vaillant‘s gorgeous diorama. I can’t speak to show accuracy or what it’s portraying, but man do I appreciate some of the lovely landscaping techniques going on here.

There’s a lovely sense of overgrowth, and I absolutely love the goat pen. That, along with the sunflowers, really caught my eye. Then there’s the buildings. They are lovely, dilapidated, and full of detail with the siding, doors, and foundation. I love how the windows look with the brown framing.

Here's not here

I highly encourage you to check out Jerome’s photostream for more amazing scenes from The Walking Dead and other popular films and shows.

Dale’s RV from The Walking Dead in LEGO

The notion of zombies walking the earth strikes me as completely ridiculous and I never got into the whole ApocaLEGO theme either, but yet, somehow, I am completely hooked on The Walking Dead. I first saw an episode about two years ago and since have binge-watched the first four seasons and am camped in front of the TV for every new episode. I can’t really explain why. Perhaps it’s because some of the characters are so unsympathetic that the thought of a half-rotted zombie tearing their guts out is something to look forward to. Nobody seems safe, however, and whenever the more likeable characters are killed off, such as Dale Horvath in the 2nd season, I feel pretty much gutted myself (pun intended). A lot of fan-built LEGO models based on The Walking Dead are focussed on customized minifigures, but I wanted to have a vehicle from the show as part of my movie car collection. My choice: Dale’s Winnebago Chieftain RV.

Dale's RV from The Walking Dead

Click through to learn more about this LEGO Walking Dead RV

Running is not an option in this Walking Dead diorama

It’s actually quite hard getting LEGO ruins to look right — it’s not as simple as knocking a few bricks out of the building you’ve just made. Kyle (K.Kreations) blows a big hole in his building and shatters the windows to recreate the look of a ravaged city in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The Walking Dead by K.Kreations on Flickr

I also like the realistic details on the buildings’ roofs, often overlooked by builders even though we usually view and photograph LEGO models from above.

See more photos on MOCPages, where pretty much everything lately is apparently an entry for the MOCathalon. (Can we just assume that now? Yes, I think so.)