Running is not an option in this Walking Dead diorama

It’s actually quite hard getting LEGO ruins to look right — it’s not as simple as knocking a few bricks out of the building you’ve just made. Kyle (K.Kreations) blows a big hole in his building and shatters the windows to recreate the look of a ravaged city in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The Walking Dead by K.Kreations on Flickr

I also like the realistic details on the buildings’ roofs, often overlooked by builders even though we usually view and photograph LEGO models from above.

See more photos on MOCPages, where pretty much everything lately is apparently an entry for the MOCathalon. (Can we just assume that now? Yes, I think so.)

1 comment on “Running is not an option in this Walking Dead diorama

  1. CatJuggling

    I agree about the roof detail. A friend of mine commented on the subject at our ECCC display (where many of us had just put out the standard CC buildings and decorate them with Superheroes). He’d worked on the design of a video game project where you’re falling, so he’d looked at many, many building rooftops and knew that must were much more cluttered with vents and such than Lego buildings normally portray.

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