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Ed’s interest for LEGO was rekindled not long ago and it seems there’s no way out of the rabbit hole. His love for LEGO goes beyond the bricks and into being curious about every aspect about the company, its strategy, the community and the eco-system that brings the brick to life. His AFOL counterparts describe him as inquisitive, opinionated and vengeful. His response is you should not believe everything you read on the internet.

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Holy bust made of bricks, Batman!

If 1960s Classic TV Robin saw this build, he’d say the same thing! Batman fan Havoc has done a beautiful sculpt of the Caped Crusader. I particularly like how Batman’s pointed ears are made from 16×4 Triple Curved Wedges. It gives Batman a pointed, sharp, brooding look that fits his persona.

Quickly Robin, to the Batmobile!

The most infamous action hero of all: Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem might hold the gaming industry record for the longest time between announcement and availability, taking a full 12 years to hit store shelves. Although it did eventually come to fruition, it didn’t live up to its expectations generated during the hiatus. Whatever you think of the game, though, LEGO builder Havoc did our action hero justice in translating him from pixels to bricks.


A world without the Dark Knight

The use of symbolism and abstract elements is a style frequently used in the arts. While using LEGO as a medium of expression is something we see quite often, overt symbolism is less common, but Vincent’s LEGO creation is a great example. It looks at a world where Batman takes a break while chaos reigns and the helpless cry out for our hero—depicted by the bat-signals shining brightly calling out for their savior. While the lower section shares a view of Bruce Wayne relaxing in his Bat Cave, the mid-section cleverly showcases his enemies creating disorder.


Dark Knight training regime redefined for the LEGO Batman Movie

Builder David Liu redefines Batman training with this humorous scene. The story goes that Alfred was shocked to learn that Master Bruce accepted a role in a new LEGO movie. And since then, Batman has been doing some alternative training in his new secret “creativity” training room, supposedly building miniatures of his own vehicles and various other related themes.

Happy Chinese New Year!

What I appreciated about David’s build is actually the tiny representation of nano-sized vehicles and the tiny “The Bat” aircraft has got to be my favourite of them all.

Micro Batmobiles

I may look friendly, but I assure you I’m not!

Gundam mechs never come in pink, but this mecha inspired by Gundam Barbatos built by d’ Qiu Brick demonstrates how a simple color change can bring out a new theme and even a potential following of a fanbase! Utilising great SNOT techniques adds to the visual appeal in a clean and sharp look overall. While it may not look as menacing as you would imagine, never judge a book by its cover – don’t underestimate that sword that stands as tall as the mech!

Gundam Barbatos

The day that bricks made time stand still

I can’t seem to stop staring and admiring this build by Cecile Fritzvold for more than a few reasons. The clean lines and great color contrast make me wish this was a real alarm clock set on LEGO store shelves. Those pentagonal shields which you may recognize from the Nexo Knights series seem like they were made perfectly for this purpose! One thing is for sure, this had not better have a snooze alarm, because it’s only going to end up in pieces every morning. Which may not be such a bad idea after all – snoozing means a rebuild which means you gotta think twice before hitting that button!

No time for sleep!

Engage the enemy with caution – two tangos at 3 o’clock!

Singaporean builder Kelvin Low has put together quite an impressive construction of an Atlas Mech from Titanfall. This mech has excellent greebling, making it visually interesting and full of detail. Greebling isn’t easy; it’s a matter of using the right parts to make it work both in design and color selection. This mech does a good job on both.


I’m Groot?! (Translation: Why didn’t LEGO make one of me?!)

What happens when you don’t see what you like from LEGO’s official set releases? You build your own! Here’s Adeel Zubair‘s custom creation of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that would fit nicely in the upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz. You just gotta love those black beady eyes! Now, is anyone else up to the challenge of a dancing groot? I’m Groot! (Translation: Shut up and take my money!)

Dancing Groot

Evolution brings us the Ninjabread Man

What happens when a Gingerbread Man can no longer tolerate countless bites from his person? This is what happens when cookie species eventually evolve. Scorched and shaped by Matthew Hockers, he introduces the Ninjabread Man. Straight from the oven, baked to perfection, deadly but still savoury (if you can catch one of them).

The Ninjabread Man

Rollin’ on a Hot Rod on Route 66

This little road trip has got lots of details going on by Thomas W. First of all, you can’t miss the Hot Rod that’s built to perfection. I love the subtle details like uneven, worn-out road and the Route 66 sign that’s about to tumble over. The details of the flora and fauna are great too—in case you missed the perched vulture. The exposed LEGO studs make for natural detailing on the saguaro, too.

Red 66

Brick built replica of the Disney LEGO Shanghai Store

The Disney LEGO store in Shanghai opened its doors to the public in May 2016. If you can’t visit it in person, there’s no excuse for you to not enjoy the next best thing: this brick built version. Builder Qian YJ took about 3 weeks to build this and its current on display on the 2nd floor of the very same LEGO store in Disney Shanghai!

Shanghai Disney Lego Store

Shanghai Disney Lego Store

Preserving history, blending old and new

This restaurant in Beijing, China by Qian YJ shows how real life can be imitated and brought to life by the magic of LEGO bricks. The exquisite outdoor detailing of the curves of the roof and color scheme shows clear attention to detail during the build process. The the red lanterns hanging remind us how little details can bring out life in architectural builds.

LEGO Chinese wind architecture - Kuang Dian

The inside the restaurant is a contrast to the exterior with modern facilities to feature all the creature comforts that we so much are used to these days. What a way to preserve our past and merge it with today’s needs, mixing both form and fucntion.

LEGO Chinese wind architecture - Kuang Dian