A closer look at the LEGO CMF Collectible Minifigure Series 23 [News]

A week ago we had a reveal of the complete lineup of the characters from the upcoming Collectible Minifigure Series 23, and today LEGO has just released images that give us a closer look at each individual figure.

The blind packs come in a bright orange theme and feature 8 of the 12 characters.

Cardboard Robot

The figure features a female character with a pair of scissors and a 2×2 printed tile featuring a display control with buttons in a bulky cardboard costume.

Ferry Captain

The figure comes with a miniature ferry as part of the costume and a bearded captain with a moustache befitting the character.

Reindeer Costume

The figure features a female character in a reindeer costume with antlers and a gift box with a heart-shaped cookie.

Green Dragon Costume

The winged green dragon costume features a female character that will pair well with the Red Dragon Suit Guy from Series 18.

Wolf Costume

The boy in the wolf costume dons warn-down blue overalls and weilds a brown sack.

Popcorn Costume

The minifigure features a kid with a headpiece of buttered popcorn and a body part in the shape of a popcorn box.

Turkey Costume

The turkey minifigure characters feature a bright red headpiece and a fanned-out tail with a pumpkin accessory.

Christmas Elf

A female Christmas elf fashioned with two ponytails in a green outfit and a miniature house in a snow-globe-like accessory.

Knight of the Yellow Castle

A female knight wielding a shield printed with a yellow crown and a stick horse as an additional accessory.


The nutcracker wields a sword and a 1×1 round printed tile featuring a printed nut.


The snowman minifigure features a rounded headpiece with a black top hat, broom and a red scarf. 

Sugar Fairy

The sugar fairy character wears a crown, a pink outfit with wings and a candy cane.


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  1. Jimmy

    Some great opportunities for smaller-scale building, with the ferry boat, snow globe house, and the pony head.

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