LEGO Starcraft Protoss Zealot

The original Starcraft game came out almost 15 years ago and has spawned a decade and a half of Starcraft inspired LEGO builds, from the humble probe, to the hydralisk troops to even the imposing Battle Cruisers. And today we add another great Starcraft build to the ranks – ccy_8086 has built this fantastic Protoss Zealot Continue reading →

Lego StarCraft Marine: “GO GO GO!”

Mark Stafford (lego_nabii) has just posted a photo of an awesome model, built by one of his fellow designers at LEGO, Luis Castenada. Luis built an awesome custom Marine from StarCraft. Obviously, the head is not an authentic Lego piece, and a few parts have been painted, but that doesn’t stop this from being amazing. Continue reading →

StarCraft Hyperion in Lego

Anyone who has played StarCraft 2 will instantly recognize Sven Junga‘s model of the Hyperion. Even those who are unfamiliar with the game may recognize the hammerhead shape of the battlecruiser design, which has been done several times in Lego. Check out Sven’s growing Terran army in this photo on Flickr.

LEGO Technic Starcraft 2 Banshee

This banshee, by Antti Havala, is incredibly gorgeous and that isn’t something you can say about a lot of Technic builds. Sporting four rotors, two motors, adjustable rotor pitch and two LED headlights, this Banshee screams for attention. You have to watch the video too. It’s pretty sweet. . Many thanks to Glory_Forever for the Continue reading →

Lego Starcraft 2 Marine

By now it’s clear that the Terran units from Starcraft 2 are easiest to make out of LEGO. Sven Junga adds the marine to list of the community’s brick-built Terran units including the Battlecruiser, Thor, Viking, Banshee, Medivac, Siege Tank and more. It’s a good thing I can counter marines with my banelings!

Motorized Siege Tank from Starcraft 2 goes into siege mode

Mark (petzoldhaus) from Youtube built a motorized Siege Tank from Starcraft 2. Not only does it run by remote control, it also converts into siege mode for punishing your opponent’s clumped up ground forces and buildings. You can see the internal workings in this video.