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It’s not the End of the World...

…but it’s getting close. Tobias Buckdahn (Brickbucki) built this awesome radioactive danger sign. I love the explosion in the center…it just draws the eye inward as you melt away from the blast.


I’m also using it to let you know that reports of the death of our weekend DJ, The Indomitable Keith Goldman, are slightly exaggerated. He is down with a virulent space bug contracted while base-jumping on Sibelius 5. He is currently quarantined in orbit but hopefully will be able to return to earth in time for Friday Night Fights next weekend.

The Art of Violence

No, it’s not the subtitle of the latest Jason Statham movie or a poorly translated version of Sun Tzu’s classic text, it is a building contest sponsored by the new-age musical duo Siercon and Coral. I will let Sean and Steph explain the concept:

This is a stylized ‘Violence’ Contest. This is all about art. This is NOT a contest in which we primarily want to see hacked limbs and excessive amounts of blood. A more artistic and graceful scene will score far higher than any simple depiction of slaughter.

However, make it meaningful, sober, deadly, and more importantly… artistic. Many Asian movies have done this exceedingly well. ‘Hero’ is one of these movies in our opinion. (Please use discretion if you intend to watch, as there are some questionable scenes). Artistically speaking, however, it is one of our favorite movies.

Here are three of the best early entries to inspire and motivate you, if the custom trophy provided by Sean and Steph isn’t enough motivation. For the rest of the boilerplate (details, restrictions and minutia) head over to the Art of Violence thread on the Lego Contest Network Flickr Group.

First up is “The Last Stand” by TBB favorite Mark of Falworth.
(LCC) The Last Stand.

The middle-man is Ru Corder and his “Fall like a thunderbolt“.

Fall Like a Thunderbolt

The triad is complete with .Bricko’s ode to Pat Benatar, “Love is a Battlefield“.

Love Is A Battlefield

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the last entry had nothing to do with dancing pimps and working girls. My advice to you, constant reader, should you enter the fray, is to avoid the color red…it seems to be dominating the early entries. Good luck to everyone involved with the contest!

Take me to 311 South Wacker, and step on it!

Inspired by the collected works of Spencer Rezkalla, TBB newcomer Rocco Buttliere has slowly amassed a fine collection of microscale skyscrapers with a focus on the architecture of Chicago Illinois. For his latest project, Rocco takes on the 961 ft tower at 311 South Wacker in downtown Chicago. According the the builder, “311 was the tallest reinforced concrete building in the world at the time of its completion. It is the seventh tallest building in Chicago, and sixteenth in the US. It is also the tallest building in the world whose address is also its formal title.” Considering the limited availability of Medium Dark Flesh colored elements, the building seems all the more impressive. Enjoy today’s slice of architectural history.


Monsters Inc. in LEGO

By harnessing the power of ever awesome lime (an even more potent power source than screams or laughter), Dave Shaddix has rendered both Mike Wazowski and the famous doorway from Monsters Inc. in 100% pure LEGO brick. As well as the excellent sculpting work on Mike, the various details like the clipboard really make this diorama stand out.

You know it only works if you have every piece

Remarkable Rebrickable Revisited

I first posted (very briefly) about Nathan Thom’s Rebrickable when it launched two years ago. Since then the site has been getting better and better so it’s time for a revisit.

The basic gist of rebrickable is that you select a LEGO set, uploaded digital (LDD and LDraw) design (see eg. the rover we featured a while back) and it tells you if you can build it from your own parts. Which is pretty cool. Basically, it’s a library of sets and MOCs that not only shows you how to build things, but helps you find the parts you need to build them.

And it does all this from a slick interface. As a site, it’s useful for people who make their own designs (in LDD or LDraw), and for collectors. You can also compare two sets to see what parts they share. Or generate a part list from a CAD file and see how much it will cost.

What can you build? Rebrickable is there to help you answer that question.

Medieval Cottage – A study in color and texture

This beautiful cottage by Luke Watkins Hutchinson (-Derfel Cadarn-) is full of incredible details. The textures and shapes of the walls are fascinating. Then there is the lovely color scheme, flowing from the blues of the upper story to the patches of grass and the customized tree branches. It is an incredibly well-thought creation.

Cragspire Cottage