9 comments on “Illegal Arms Dealing, Medieval Style

  1. Josh Post author

    Does that mean it can’t look good in this creation?

    I’ve also seen minifigs selling weapons, in a castle, with flags on the walls. I’ve also seen similar floor techniques and windows.

    However this build combines a number of really good techniques into a cohesive whole. The scroll is the centerpiece and focus of the build. What is the problem?

  2. Josh Post author

    Who is “he”? The builder doesn’t claim that is was a new technique. In fact his emphasis was on the floor.

    No one can keep up with every “new” technique. My apologies if you think it shouldn’t be posted here but I disagree. This builder didn’t “invent” the technique but he uses it the best, in my opinion.

  3. stevethesquid

    Whoops, it didn’t connect that I was talking to the blogger, you’re who I meant by ‘he’ :P

    Anyway I just interpreted what you said as an insinuation that it’s a fresh fancy new technique, rather than something that looks nifty and is used very well in the scene.

    I won’t argue that it’s a good scene, it combines some of my favorite techniques I’ve seen recently, namely the cobble, which I was hoping castle builders would be using more! :D

    Btw if you wanna see, in the comments somebody linked to a previous use of the scroll technique :)

  4. Josh Post author

    This is silly, squidy. I know about the comments on Flickr. I posted in the comments earlier. I know the builder didn’t invent the technique. That is not the point. I don’t actually care who “invented” it, building techniques are open source. This builder used it (and other really good techniques) in a really nicely cohesive manner. The scroll is the center and highlight (for me) of the MOC. Everything else points to it. That is all I meant. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. Are we good?

  5. AK_brickster

    Josh, what I’m taking away from this is that you should probably just commit hara-kiri, sparing us from future horrible blogging ;)

    PS – Glad to see a little recent activity from you. I was beginning to worry about you :)

  6. Josh Post author

    @Stevethesquid – Good! ;)

    @AK – Thanks Jordan. Had a lot of issues going on. Was kind of worried about myself as well. :)

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