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US Battle Mech – Micro goes Macro

Shannon Sproule continues his ongoing storyline of Battle for the Moon with this gloriously fun Battle Mech for the US forces. Last year Shannon had used the retro robot collecti-figs as large mecha within’ his A.T.L.A.S. Death Ray Complex micro-space build. You will often see builders expand upon a previous model, but seeing micro builds go minifig scale is such a treat. Well done Shanno!

Battle for the Moon: US Battle Mech assembly line

Missed this on the first pass, but I had to point out the wind-up key…fabulous detail!

Tiny Delights

These tiny space planes by Griffin! are fantastic models. At micro scale, every piece used counts, and this builder has made sure to choose carefully. Every element used in this creation appears to have a purpose, represents an important part of the ship, and contributes to the overall aesthetic. I think my favorite detail may be the binoculars as intakes, but the minifig skis as the fuselage are also fantastic.

Ankara Aerospace M-117 Multirole Fighters

A Clever Presentation

This castle display by The Brick Time Team is a pretty attractive display. There is a lot of detail, and the edges of the display are decorated quite nicely. What really sets it apart however, is its modular nature. With this configuration, the builders can quickly convert this display into a variety of options. I think there’s a lot of potential here for expansion.

Military Review 1

“Make it so!”

The redoubtable Iain Heath (AKA Number One) has boldly gone where no one has dared go before. This is Star Trek: The Next Generation as it should have been. With relatively few pieces and lot of moxy, Iain has managed to capture the true nature of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Doctor Beverly Crusher, Counselor Deanna Troi, Lieutenant Worf and Wesley Crusher.

Make it so!

Come see this in person later this week at SEALUG‘s LEGO display at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.

Rover 6-Pack

Its Friday night in Las Vegas, and this six pack isn’t going to drink itself. Enjoy this sample of rovers from FebRovery 2013.

Mickey's Lunar Cheese Rover
Mickey’s Lunar Cheese Rover by Karf Oolhu
(In his house at R’lyeh, dead and dreaming.)

Pinktron Rover
Pinktron Rover by nolnet

Easy Rider
Easy Rider by Pasukaru76

Rendezvous with otherworldly girl
Rendezvous with otherworldly girl by the oneman.

NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic
NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic by halfbeak.

FebRovery 2013
And finally, a FebRovery 6-Pack would not be complete without something from Crimso Giger. You still have a little time left to get in on the action, if you’re so inclined.